Are you a healthcare practitioner looking for top-notch surgical instruments for your operating room? Does the word “Dressing forceps” sound familiar? Of course, it must! This instrument may not be the most appealing one but one thing is obvious, your operating room is incomplete without the inclusion of this tool. Why? Because not a single surgical procedure can be performed efficiently without the use of dressing forceps. In this blog, we will delve into the world of dressing forceps to know what they are. Why they are so important? What is their purpose in the medical field?

Dressing forceps- An introduction

Dressing forceps is a hand-held surgical instrument that contributes to applying or removing dressings from wounds. Not only that! This tool is used to remove necrotic or infected tissue or debris from the wound site during wound debridement. There are multiple variations and patterns available for these forceps that are chosen based on one’s preference. We at Acheron Instruments offer a wide range of dressing forceps in multiple variations and patterns made with premium quality German stainless steel material. Our high-quality material dressing forceps provide anti-bacterial, non-corrosive, and rust-proof properties and enhance the life span of these tools. Also, you can sterilize these forceps and reuse them for a longer duration. What else could you ask for?

Dressing forceps, Acheron instruments

Uses and Applications 

Dressing forceps offer a wide range of surgical benefits. There are plenty of dressing forceps available and each one has its unique purpose and uses. But, here we are going to discuss a few general benefits of these incredible tools you surely don’t want to miss. Let’s debunk a few of them:

  • Used in multiple surgical settings especially dressing wounds to manipulate or hold dressings, gauze as well and other materials
  • Useful during wound debridement for eliminating necrotic or infected tissue and debris from the wound
  • Provides an atraumatic way to clean the surgical site by securely holding the dressings
  • In some cases when needle holders become inaccessible, these forceps come in handy for suturing purposes
  • Immensely benefit surgeons during lengthy tasks for less fatigue and in situations where control and precision are so important

Types of dressing forceps

Dressing forceps come in enormous types each having its unique features and advantages. You can choose the one that suits the best for your surgical practice. The list of dressing forceps is so vast. Here we’ll discuss some commonly used dressing forceps. Each forcep has a unique design and performs its relevant function. Let’s discuss its types along with their uses and applications in detail:

Adson dressing forceps

These versatile forceps are useful in multiple surgical scenarios to remove sutures, hold tissues, remove dressings and drainage tubes, etc.

  • Comprises a flat thumb grasp with a unique design with finely serrated jaws that prevent local injury
  • Grasp soft tissues precisely
  • Ensures maximum control due to spring handles
  • Available in multiple versions including color-coated variations
  • Has a high tensile strength
  • Comes in different styles including 1 x 2 teeth and 2 x 3 teeth configurations with an approximate size measuring 4 ¾”

Adson dressing forceps

Thumb tissue forceps

Thumb tissue forceps are utilized by applying pressure with the thumb and forefinger. This tool is ideal for gripping, securing, and maneuvering bodily tissues.

  • Ideally used in dental surgery, microsurgery, and ophthalmic surgeries that require precision and control
  • Provides a secure grip on the tissues with its small teeth or serrations
  • Essentially used in situations where the tissue is slippery or it is difficult to hold a tissue
  • Comes in multiple ranges of sizes starting from 4 ½” and going up to 8”
  • Available in 1x2, 2x3, and 3x4 teeth configurations for superior grip on tissues

Bonney tissue forceps

These tissue forceps are useful for different surgical procedures, especially for grasping tough and inflexible tissues. Also, they have a unique design comprising sharp teeth and a tapered tip on the end that grasps the tissues securely in an atraumatic way.

  • Commonly used in orthopedic, general, and cardiovascular surgeries
  • Provides enhanced grip due to serrated and toothed tips
  • The narrow profile of this tool allows for reaching hard-to-reach places and enhances precision
  • Comes in multiple variations and generally requires low maintenance
  • The approximate length of this tool is 7’ with 1x2 or 2x3 teeth configurations

Plain Splinter forceps

Plain Splinter forceps assist surgeons in different surgical scenarios, especially in extracting small foreign objects from the skin traumatically. This tool manipulates and handles the tissues precisely with its long and sharp pointed tips.

  • Available in multiple sizes ranging in length from 3 ½” to 4 ½”
  • Provides secure grip due to sharp pointed tips
  • The lightweight design makes handling easier for the user
  • A valuable tool for multiple medical settings, first aid kits, and emergency rooms

Iris forceps with teeth

These forceps are valuable tools for ophthalmic procedures to manipulate tissues. These forceps include 1x2 teeth and a grooved handle that provides a nonslip and secure grip to the user. Also, the delicate design of this tool makes it ideal for peripheral iridectomies. We have multiple variations available for this tool including curved, straight, non-magnetic, and delicate patterns for surgical assistance.

  • Made with German-grade stainless steel material for enhanced longevity and durability
  • The approximate length of these forceps is 4 ½” with 1x2 teeth
  • Available in multiple patterns to suit multiple surgical scenarios

Nasal forceps

 Nasal forceps play a crucial role in rhinoplasty by facilitating access to the nasal cavity. Also, these forceps assist surgeons in extracting foreign objects from the nasal passages.

  • Available in multiple patterns to suit different surgical requirements
  • Approximate length ranges from 6 ¾” to 7 ½”
  • Features ergonomic design for easy handling preventing any complication or trauma during nasal procedures
  • Assist surgeons in different surgical scenarios including ENT surgeries and rhinoplasty

Potts Smith dressing forceps

Potts Smith dressing forceps are versatile surgical tools used to grasp, hold, and mobilize surgical dressings in place. Our forceps are also useful to soak up the blood or fluids in addition to packing the wounds.

  • Features extra long tip for precise tissue grip
  • Holds medical bandages in multiple surgical settings while assuring incredible manipulation
  • Approximate overall length ranges from 6” to 12”
  • Comprises serrated jaws for enhanced gripping action
  • Comprises alignment pin for a better hold

Carmalt splinter forceps

These forceps serve numerous surgical advantages such as for the application and removal of wound closure adhesive strips, as well as for the isolation of blood vessels. Our Carmalt splinter forceps are also useful to secure clamping of suture ends, and the extraction of sutures.

  • Comes in both straight and curved variations to suit multiple surgical applications
  • The approximate overall length of this tool is 4 3/4'”
  • Comprises pointed and serrated tips for securely grasping sutures and other materials
  • Features curved pointed tips for enhanced gripping action
  • Thumb profile with a flat profile for easy handling

Adson Brown forceps with teeth

These dressing forceps are designed to hold and manipulate delicate tissues. Also, our forceps assist surgeons in holding dressing materials such as cotton and gauze in several surgeries.

  • Comprises delicate design with multiple fine teeth for enhanced grip
  • Wide thumb grasp that allows better control and a strong grasp
  • Approximate overall length measures 4 ¾”
  • Teeth configuration ranges from 7x7 to 9x9

Russian tissue forceps

Surgeons use this versatile tool in multiple surgical procedures including cardiovascular surgeries to grasp dense tissues. Also, our Russian tissue forceps are helpful in wound closure procedures to securely hold the tissues.

  • Available in multiple variations to suit different surgical approaches
  • The approximate overall length ranges from 6” to 10”
  • Ergonomic design that makes them easy to use
  • Comprises multiple teeth along with a rounded wide head around its rim for holding the tissues securely

Russian forceps

Semken tissue forceps

Surgeons use this instrument to hold and manipulate soft tissues. Also, our Semken tissue forceps provide a firm grip as they have an ideal design consisting of a wide and flat thumb grasp.

  • Available in multiple sizes and variations to suit multiple surgical approaches
  • Approximate length ranges from 5” to 6”
  • Available in different patterns including delicate, straight, and curved ones along with teeth configurations 1x2 to 2x3 versions

Dressing forceps serrated

Dressing forceps come with serrated tips that allow a secure grip in the dressing procedure. This standard pattern instrument assists surgeons in removing surgical dressings with greater ease.

  • Ergonomic design for convenient hold
  • Pointed ends to provide a firm grip
  • Thumb grasp with a flat-end profile
  • Lightweight design enhances easy handling and reduces user fatigue

Debakey Adson tissue forceps 1.5 mm tips

Surgeons use this instrument to handle and manipulate fine tissues. These forceps are also useful to hold blood vessels and provide a non-slip grip with their serrated jaws.

  • Used in multiple surgical scenarios, especially in cardiovascular procedures
  • Ensures comfortable grip with its lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Comprise a flat and wide thumb grasp for easy handling
  • Grooves present on the thumb grasp area to avoid slippage
  • Overall length measures 4 ¾” with 1.5 mm tips

Why chose Acheron Instruments?

Are you tired of spending millions of dollars on purchasing surgical tools for your healthcare institutions? Are you bothered by constantly changing your surgical tools too often because they wear off too soon? Fret not! We got you covered! Our high-quality tools are manufactured from premium-grade German stainless steel material. What does that mean? This means that our surgical tools are the epitome of high standards that can be easily sterilized and reused with proper care. In turn, it won’t make you spend a hefty amount of money over and over again. Also, No repair or replacement issues every now and then! Sounds great, right?

Also, we have a workforce of skilled and highly qualified technicians who aim to provide you with the best products. We always welcome our esteemed customers’ concerns and also provide you with the customization of products as per your needs. Impressed? Try for yourself!


Are there different types of Acheron Instruments dressing forceps for specific medical procedures?

Yes, we have a wide range of dressing forceps. Each one is designed for a specific medical purpose.

What materials are commonly used in the manufacturing of Acheron Instruments’ dressing forceps?

We use high-grade German stainless steel material to manufacture our dressing forceps. The high-quality material of our forceps makes them reusable and easily sterilizable to make them last longer in your operating room toolkits.

What should I consider when selecting the right Acheron Instruments dressing forceps for a particular task?

Apart from high quality which is the core essence of our tools, there are other factors you must consider while choosing the right dressing forceps. These include determining the type of tissue or material you are going to handle. Other factors include curvature and length of forceps, level of precision required, and other specialized features such as fine tips or serrations,

How do I maintain and prolong the lifespan of my Acheron Instruments dressing forceps?

To maintain and prolong the lifespan of your dressing forceps, regularly clean and sterilize them, avoid excessive force or bending during use, and store them in a dry and sterile environment,

How to order from Acheron Instruments? Can I order bulk products?

Yes, we do take bulk orders across the globe! You can contact us via email or at the contact number given on our website. Our representative will assist you shortly with any queries. 


Dressing forceps are indispensable tools of modern medicine toolkit. From dealing with emergency room cases to the specified surgical room procedures, you are going to need these incredible tools at every step of your procedure. The use of these tools will not only boost your confidence to perform intricate procedures but will also reduce the risk of tissue/organ damage. Every movement counts in the medical field! If you wish to provide the highest level of care to your patients, you are going to need these forceps in your toolkits.

Moving further, Are you in search of high-quality dressing forceps? That too in a broad range? And in the most reasonable pricing? You’ve reached the right place! We have an extensive range of dressing forceps in multiple sizes, variations, and patterns. We’ve got tools for everyone based on the surgical requirement. Sharp, delicate, serrated, non-serrated, you name it, we got it! We have a wide range to choose from in our dressing forceps catalog. Our surgical instruments are robust, reliable, and durable. So what are you waiting for?  contact us via the email/contact number given on our website. Think no further and place your orders now!



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