What exactly is Acheron Instruments?

Pakistan based manufacturer of surgical instruments.

Where is Acheron instruments based?

We operate from our manufacturing facility in Sialkot, Pakistan.

Where are your surgical instruments manufactured?

All of our surgical instruments are manufactured in Sialkot, Pakistan.

How does your company policy addresses ethical trade?

Ethical Trade is very crucial to us. We train our employees in a safe, interactive and efficient environment in order to produce skilled craftsmen, eventually manufacturing the best quality end product.

Can customers visit your manufacturing premises?

Customer satisfaction and trust building is one of the core objectives that we aim to achieve through our products. We do have a facility to arrange factory tours on request for our respected customers. It helps our customers to witness the amount of work, effort and precision we put in to manufacture the instruments.

Do Acheron Instruments operate a quality management system?

At Acheron Instruments, all the surgical instruments are manufactured in accordance with ISO 13485. Moreover, we are independently assessed by BSI periodically on regular basis.

Are Acheron Instruments products CE marked?

Yes, all the surgical instruments manufactured at Acheron Instruments are CE marked and are in accordance with Device Directive 93/42/EEC.

Are Acheron Instruments products traceable?

All our surgical instruments are laser marked. They are marked with the brand name and with all the information necessary for tracing.

How are your instruments inspected?

The instruments manufactured at Acheron Instruments go through a rigorous process of inspection. They go through visual checks by using calibrated measuring equipment, performance matrix evaluation and complete procurement before reaching to the customer.

Do Acheron Instruments provide certification with their surgical instruments?

Each batch of products is certified under our Certificate of Conformity and its record is maintained by the company.

Can you provide sample instruments?

Yes, please submit your query to get a sample instruments for quality evaluation purposes.

What material is used to manufacture the instruments at Acheron Instruments?

In accordance with ISO 7153-1, all surgical instruments are made using the finest stainless steel. We also provide material certification on request. Stainless steel describes a group of iron based alloys which have high level of corrosion resistance. We use Martensitic Alloy. The 420 grade is used due to its strength and high corrosion resistance.

What manufacturing tolerances does Acheron Instruments work to?

Each of our instruments is hand made to a tolerance of +/- 0.25mm to ensure consistency.

How are Acheron Instruments products heat treated?

Instruments are vacuum heat treated using hardening and tempering procedures. They are tested to ensure conformity to specified ranges in the Rockwell HRC Scale as well.

What processes are used to protect surgical instruments from corrosion?

To ensure the integrity of steel, the instruments at Acheron Instruments are passivated and corrosion tested, giving them a protective passive layer. The instruments become tolerant to intense heat and moisture from the autoclaving process.

Can Acheron Instruments supply instructions for reprocessing?

We supply instructions for reprocessing in accordance with HTM 01-01 with each delivery.

Do Acheron Instruments offer a guarantee?

Quality assurance is the core objective at Acheron Instruments. We take pride in our workmanship and we guarantee it for Five Years.

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