General surgery instruments encompass all the essential surgical equipment for performing various surgeries across different surgical specialties. These incredible tools are designed meticulously to meet specific surgical needs ensuring efficiency, precision, and patient safety during multiple medical interventions. Each specialized tool serves a unique purpose and is made from high-grade German stainless-steel material to ensure sterility and withstand the rigors of surgery.


Acheron instruments’ knife handles are an integral part of every general surgical procedure. This incredible tool provides comfort, control, and stability to the surgeons during tissue manipulation or making incisions. Also, the ergonomic design of this instrument enhances precision and reduces hand fatigue. Moreover, this tool can securely attach surgical blades ensuring safety and stability throughout surgical interventions. We offer high-quality ISO-certified knife handles available in multiple patterns, sizes, and shapes to accommodate different surgical scenarios such as Watson skin graft knife handles, scalpel handles, etc.

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Acheron Instruments’ scissors are known for their tremendous sharpness and functionality. We offer a wide range of surgical scissors ranging from Metzenbaum scissors, mayo scissors, operating scissors, suture scissors, tenotomy scissors, etc. These specialized scissors are useful to incise or dissect tissues with precision. Also, we have an extensive range of surgical scissors that come in various sizes, shapes, and designs each suited for tissue types and specific surgical tasks. Our incredible scissors enable surgeons to perform precise tissue dissection, cutting, and trimming while minimizing trauma to the surrounding areas.


Acheron Instruments’ forceps are forged from premium-grade German stainless steel material that makes them highly robust and durable. We have a wide range of forceps from Kelly forceps, Allis tissue forceps, DeBakey forceps, and many more. Also, we offer forceps in multiple sizes, variations, and designs each tailored to a specific surgical task. Our incredible range of forceps assists surgeons in grasping, holding, or manipulating organs, tissues, and other objects during surgical applications.


Acheron Instruments’ needle holders are great General Surgery instruments tools that healthcare professionals use during suturing procedures. These high-quality instruments are used to grasp and manipulate surgical needles during suturing practices. Also, the jaws of the needle holders generally feature small serrations or grooves that prevent slippage of the surgical needles. Moreover, they come in various designs and sizes to accommodate different surgical needles. We have a wide range of needle holders including Castroviejo needle holders, Mayo Hegar needle holders, Crile wood needle holders, etc.


Acheron Instruments’ retractors are incredible tools that surgeons use to retract organs and tissues during surgical procedures. Also, these amazing high-quality tools expose the surgical site for better visibility and accessibility. We offer a wide range of surgical retractors including Balfour, Weitlaner, and Doyen retractors, etc. Our retractors assist surgeons in the operating rooms to provide them with unobstructed access to the operative field.

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