General surgery is part of our early history it is a medical discipline that involves performing various types of surgical procedures to treat a broad range of health problems and diseases. With our innovations for general surgery, we help doctors to change life with instruments.


Acheron Instruments offers a complete line of premium, operating room grade general instruments including scissors, forceps, needle holders, retractors and scalpel handles that are used in both general and specialty surgical procedures. Whether you are purchasing for a clinic, surgery center or hospital, our reusable general instruments offer the best combination of quality and price on the market.

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We are providing superlative quality by using German & Japanese Stainless steel. We are continuously strive to improve all processes throughout the organizations' facilities to achieve the quality required for our Customer's Satisfaction. We will comply with all regulatory requirements for the products we provide to our Customers and we ensure the continuing effectiveness of our Quality System.


Acheron Instruments’ razor scissors are specialized tools used in the beauty industry for styling or haircutting. These incredible scissors feature razor-like edges along with ultra-sharp blades that allow clean and precise cutting of hair with minimal effort. Moreover, hairstylists use these scissors to achieve different cutting techniques to create unique and customized haircuts to achieve their clients’ satisfaction.


Acheron Instruments’ thinning scissors are widely used in the beauty industry for their phenomenal results, especially in hairdressing and barbering. These scissors feature a unique design that is designed to remove the bulk and thickness of hair strands while preventing harsh edges or lines. Not only this, our high-quality German forged thinning scissors are used by hairstylists to create volume, movement, and dimension in hairstyles and ensure the best results while maintaining the integrity and health of the hair.


Acheron Instruments’ tweezers are one of the indispensable and versatile tools used in various industries for their incredible functionality. The ideal pointed tips of this tool can grasp and manipulate small objects with greater precision and accuracy. Also, beauticians use this tool for multiple purposes including removing unwanted facial hair, eyebrow shaping, applying lashes, etc. Moreover, this tool is essential for tasks that require dexterity, accuracy, and attention to detail.


Acheron Instruments’ barber razors are widely used by hairstylists or barbers for shaving or grooming hair. This tool features razors that typically come with a removable blade and a handle that allows for easy replacement of blades or customizations. Also, these versatile tools are beneficial for various grooming tasks such as beard trimming, hairline shaping, and hair removal. The use of barber razors is essential for achieving a professional and polished grooming result.

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