Acheron Instruments

Acheron Instruments is the prime manufacturer of splendid quality Surgical and Dental Instruments in Pakistan. Our products are admired by our clients across the globe at private hospitals and clinics in countries namely, USA, Australia, Latin America, Middle East and Africa. To meet the changing requirements of modern surgery, utilizing the modern knowledge along with traditional skills of our experts enables us to manufacture surgical instruments that makes us stand out.

We make sure to deliver in time while maintaining efficient and satisfactory customer services, along with premium quality products and cost effectiveness. Precise procurement at every stage of manufacturing process, makes us fulfill our commitment to quality. We believe in educating our customers with the professional assistance they might need. We at Acheron Instruments are of the view that a highly qualified and skilled staff builds trust in a company.

We aim to provide prime quality medical and dental instruments while making them cost-effective. Our model is based on creating value rather than making profit. We pledge to provide the finest materials, craftsmanship, products, and services available in the industry.


Quality Management System

Quality is never compromised and we include the quality maintenance factor in our core values. Our quality control team and procurement techniques ensure the best available stainless steel that is properly forged and processed, eventually delivering the finest end product.

Knowledge & Extensive product range

Apart from our regular production that we supply to thousands of hospital on yearly basis. We also make about 2000 unique instruments per year at an average for our customers in variable quantities.

International Presence

Acheron Instruments provides quality medical instruments to thousands of doctors all over the world, through its network of joint ventures, distributors and importers.

Reputation and Excellence

Our history and reputation speaks highly of our commitment to delivering the quality products and our role in the medical and surgical industry. We have been delivering General Surgical, Dental Laboratory / Operational, Veterinary and Beauty Care instruments since 2003.

Being a private registered organization we have the ISO 9001:2008 certification, CE Mark and US FDA cGMP approved. Each day, we continue to meet the standard of excellence, demonstrating the reason of our recognition.


Choice and innovation
Our top quality products are utilized by professionals every day in their Surgery. Customer requirement understanding and fully satisfying your demands is what we specialize in. We translate the customer requirements into finest end products by bringing together technology and innovation.

Curiosity and passion
We take pride in our highly qualified, experienced and skilled team which makes Acheron a partner of integrity who can fulfill customer’s expectations in an efficient manner. Every query from our respected customers is crucial to us, and we treat each one with the same attention.

We strive to create value for our clients by placing the professional’s knowledge at your service. We take pride in our personals comprising of 20 years of field experience at an average. We are committed to creating a difference through our client handling by answering the clients queries as our first and foremost responsibility.


Brand Name Acheron Instruments manufactures and exports a wide range of Medical instruments. Developed with input from leading surgeons and over 30 years of field experience, the instruments at the Acheron Instruments line are highly reliable. We refuse to compromise on quality just like our customers.

Responsibility Integrated and dedicated service At Acheron, we understand and act immediately to our customer’s queries. We are capable of delivering the finest quality products within the committed time frame. We make the products value to money and we can also repair and modify your instruments. We can design and modify the products according to your need regardless of its availability in the market. Our satisfaction resides in our clients satisfaction.