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Acheron Instruments provides a full range of premium, operating room-grade ENT instruments, including scissors, forceps, needle holders, retractors, and scalpel handles, designed for both general and specialized surgical procedures. Whether for a clinic, surgery center, or hospital, our reusable general instruments offer an unbeatable combination of quality and affordability.

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We deliver superlative quality using German and Japanese stainless steel. We continuously strive to enhance all processes across our facilities to achieve the highest standards of customer satisfaction. We comply with all regulatory requirements for our products and ensure the ongoing effectiveness of our Quality System.

ENT Instruments
ENT Instruments


Acheron Instruments’ Alligator forceps play a vital role in grasping and manipulating small/delicate tissues or foreign bodies with control and precision. One incredible feature of these specialized forceps is that they can reach narrow or hard-to-reach areas. Also, ENT specialists make use of these forceps to navigate through intricate anatomical structures without causing undue trauma. We offer high-quality alligator forceps in multiple sizes and variations including Hartmann alligator forceps and Micro alligator forceps etc.


Acheron instruments’ laryngoscopes are specialized surgical instruments that ENT specialists use for the vital visualization of the larynx and surrounding structures. These incredible tools play a pivotal role in examining the upper airways and facilitate various procedures such as laryngeal surgery, intubation, vocal cord examinations, etc. Our extensive range of laryngoscopes comes in multiple sizes and patterns including McIntonsh and Millers' laryngoscopes made with premium-grade German stainless steel construction making them durable and reliable in the long run.

ENT Instruments
ENT Instruments


Acheron Instruments’ speculums play a great role during ENT examinations to provide optimal visualization of the nose, ear, and throat structures. Also, their incredible design makes them suitable for thorough and accurate examinations ensuring patient comfort. We have a wide range of speculums available in multiple sizes and designs each tailored to the specific anatomical areas such as Thudicum and Killian speculum. Our high-quality German forged speculums are must-haves for your ENT toolkit for their exceptional functionality.


Acheron Instruments’ elevators are greatly useful during ENT procedures to aid specialists in delicate surgeries within the nose, ear, and throat. Their incredible design makes them a great choice for precise maneuverability and gentle tissue handling leading to successful surgical outcomes. We offer high-quality elevators of varying shapes and patterns to suit different surgical applications. Our long list of elevators includes Freer and Cottle elevators known for their durability, precision, and robust construction.

ENT Instruments
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