Cheatle forceps are one of the versatile grasping tools used widely in medical settings. This instrument is useful for removing sterilized tools without infecting other items from formalin cabinets and boilers. This tool comes with smooth and slightly curved jaws for carrying the instruments securely without slippage. Also, this tool has an incredible grip and features a boxlock joint that promotes smooth movement of its jaws. Having a detailed look at the Cheatle forceps diagram, we can identify four major parts that work together to perform the task seamlessly including a shaft, box lock, shank, and finger ring handles.

Use of Cheatle forceps

Cheatle forceps serve a wide range of surgical benefits. Some key uses include:

  • Removing sterilized devices from boilers, autoclaves, and disinfectant  cabinets
  • Prevents damage or infecting other items from the area being treated
  • Transfers sterilized instruments or packing materials safely during medical procedures to the surgeons’ hand
  • Prevents slippage of the grasped tools with its smooth-surfaced jaws
  • Holds the sterilized instruments at a safe distance with its long stems
  • Provides outstanding control while preventing user fatigue due to finger ring handles

Cheatle forceps parts

Cheatle forceps are designed for handling sterilized surgical instruments and maintaining a sterile field in the operating room. Here are the key parts of Cheatle forceps:


  • Description: The long, ergonomically designed part of the forceps allows for a comfortable and secure grip.
  • Function: Used by the operator to open and close the forceps.


  • Description: The pivot point is located between the handles and the jaws.
  • Function: Enables the smooth opening and closing action of the forceps, ensuring precise control.


  • Description: The working ends of the forceps, are typically serrated or grooved.
  • Function: Designed to grasp and hold surgical instruments securely, preventing slippage and maintaining sterility.

Locking Mechanism (if present):

  • Description: A feature that may be included to lock the forceps in a closed position.
  • Function: Keeps the forceps securely closed when holding instruments, reducing user fatigue and ensuring a stable grip.

Detailed Diagram of Cheatle Forceps

Following is the diagram of chelate forceps 

Cheatle forceps diagram

Cheatle forceps image

Some of the Cheatle forceps images are given below 

cheatle forcepcheatle forceps cheatle forceps


Cheatle forceps are an essential tool in maintaining sterile conditions during surgical procedures. Understanding the parts and functions of these forceps enhances their effective use in medical settings. The handles, hinge, and jaws are meticulously designed to ensure precise control and secure handling of sterilized instruments.

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