Types of scissors for surgery

There is some fundamental medical equipment without which the surgical procedure is often incomplete or you can say “not possible”. One type of such equipment for instance is “surgical scissors” which play a critical role in various procedures across surgical specialties. The variety of surgical scissors is huge including different sizes, blunt and sharp, curved or straight, etc. Understanding various types of scissors for surgery is essential for healthcare professionals to ensure the best health outcomes for the patient.

Surgeons can choose from a wide range of scissors based on the requirements of surgical procedures. In this blog, we will discuss various types of scissors for surgery while exploring their types, functions, and significance in modern healthcare.

What are the uses and benefits of using surgical scissors?

There are numerous advantages of surgical scissors that make them useable in a wide range of surgical applications. Here are some important uses of these scissors:

  • Scissors play a crucial role in tissue dissection which is one of the primary parts of every surgical procedure. Surgeons can carefully separate the layers of tissues, and access anatomical structures while creating surgical planes.
  • These scissors are essential during wound closure to cut the sutures at the desired length. Apart from this, these tools also come into use for trimming the excess suture material for a neat and safe closure of the surgical incision.
  • Surgical scissors are useful when surgeons have to debride wounds by removing any foreign material, necrotic tissue, and debris.
  • The surgical scissors that surgeons use during plastic surgeries are utilized for precise tissue trimming, shaping, and contouring to achieve the best aesthetic outcomes.
  • Specialized scissors are used during minimally invasive surgeries that usually have long slender shafts to access and manipulate tissues through small incisions.
  • The scissors surgeons use during eye surgeries are delicate in nature and assist in removing lesions.

Commonly types of scissors for surgery

There are different types of surgical scissors that are used during surgical procedures. Each one of them has their distinctive characteristic and functionality. Let’s delve into some of these:

Metzenbaum scissors

These scissors are one of the most widely used scissors that are known for their delicate tips and long slender blades. Also, these scissors have a specialized design for dissecting and maneuvering delicate structures such as blood vessels with minimal trauma and precision.

Healthcare professionals mostly employ this surgical scissor in plastic surgeries, neurosurgery as well as procedures that involve fine tissue dissection. These are generally curved in nature which allows precise dissection of delicate tissues.

Mayo scissors

Mayo scissors are another surgical scissor that is a must-have for any surgical procedure. These scissors are available in both straight and curved variants with robust blades. Also, surgeons can make the choice of straight/curved variant based on the specific surgical requirement and operation preferences. However, these scissors are usually useful for cutting tough tissues including muscle and fascia.

Moreover, surgeons generally prefer straight variants when they have to dissect tissues on the body surface. This type comes in various lengths, and sizes along with blunt tips. On the other hand, the curved variant of Mayo scissors comes in both sharp and blunt working ends. Surgeons usually prefer this curved variant in dressing procedures, cutting sutures removing/applying bandages on wounds, etc. 

Furthermore, there is also a bent variant of this tool that is useful when surgeons have to dissect deep tissues.

Iris scissors

These types of scissors are distinguished by their delicate, small blades and sharp tips. Healthcare professionals generally use this tool in microsurgical and ophthalmic procedures for intricate cutting and dissection of fine tissues.

These scissors are also referred to as “fine dissecting scissors” that enable surgeons to pierce tissues into fine structures. Also, these scissors are available in small, straight, and blunt forms.

Suture scissors

As the name suggests, suture scissors are useful during wound closure to cut sutures. Also, surgeons use this tool to cut tissues, bandages, skin, and dressings, etc during different surgical scenarios.

Surgeons can easily cut the stitches smoothly with the help of these scissors as they are sharp blade-cutting tools. Also, these scissors come in multiple sizes and shapes to accommodate surgeons with different surgical preferences.

Operating Scissors

Operating scissors are one of the most common tools used in operating rooms. These scissors generally comprise sharp blades and are available in multiple lengths. Also, surgeons mostly use these scissors to cut through tough tissues with their sharp blades.

Bandage scissors

These medical scissors are one of the most versatile tools used in surgical procedures that feature one sharp tip and one blunt tip. Surgeons use this scissor usually for cutting bandages, dressings, and other materials. Moreover, these scissors come with blunt tips that prevent injury or puncture wounds to the patient while cutting close to the skin. Also, bandage scissors are usually common in post-operative care, wound care, and first aid.

Tenotomy scissors

Surgeons use tenotomy scissors in hard-to-reach and narrow spaces because of their ideal thin tapered blades and elongated handles. these scissors are commonly useful during tenotomy procedures where controlled and exact incisions are crucial. 

Also, these scissors make precise cuts with their straight and sharp design facilitating accurate, small cuts. The incredible features of this tool make it a great choice for intricate surgeries. Furthermore, surgeons can use this scissor for both probing and cutting in cramped situations with great precision.

How to handle different types of scissors for surgery?

Handling scissors is one of the important tasks as it ensures their effectiveness and prevents any harm/injury to both the patient and the surgical team. Therefore, to grip the scissors properly, you need to engage the ring finger of the right hand and thumb. They are generally held in a manner similar to holding needle drivers. This holding position is essential to maintain a balance when the arm is in pronation or supination.

Moreover, it is not advisable to grip the scissors with the middle finger and the thumb as it constitutes an incorrect holding position. This grip can cause of scissor’s tip to slide toward the opposite side and may result in loss of balance. Also, while doing operations, the index finger plays a role in balancing and controlling the scissors. 


There is a long list of types of scissors for surgery available but choosing the right one is crucial based on surgical preferences. Some common factors you must consider before selecting the specific type of scissors include length, tip configuration, design, and functionality. Moreover, the selection of handle or shaft should be based on the operating site depth you are going to work on or probe.

In short, surgical scissors are one of the common surgical instruments in healthcare facilities that offer versatility, precision, and accessibility across various surgical specialties. Additionally, proper use of these scissors is significant in promoting patient well-being and achieving successful surgical outcomes.

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