Orthopedic surgeries involve surgical procedures related to bones, ligaments, joints, muscles, etc. The most common type of orthopedic surgery is hip replacement surgery and Carpal tunnel syndrome to release the tendons. Surgeons put in their best efforts to help their patients restore the proper functionality of their skeletal muscles through these surgeries.

There is indeed an extensive execution and skill range for orthopedic surgeries that demand surgeons to choose orthopedic instruments accordingly and carefully. There is a broad range of categories related to orthopedic instruments that are highly specified to perform their relevant function. The choice of orthopedic instruments is based on the surgical procedure that has to be carried out. In some surgeries, there is a need for delicate instruments such as micro-surgical ones for micro and precise areas. Whereas, surgeons sometimes need extensive orthopedic tools such as power drills to perform their surgery. Therefore, most of these instruments are highly specialized and are classified according to their distinctive function.

Let's have a look into the broader categories widely used for orthopedic procedures

Bone instruments

One of the most popular and common categories of orthopedic tools is bone instruments which are specifically used when surgeons have to cut through or remove a patient's bone. These instruments are generally referred to as power tools as they are readily used for the ball joint areas of skeletal muscles from the hip and limbs. There are plenty of categories of surgical tools that come under the broader category of bone instruments. Let's have a look at a few of them..

Gigli saw: This is one of the most commonly used instruments especially when there is a need to cut longer leg bones. It has an appearance like a long wire consisting of teeth on it which is attached to a handle.

Straight hand saw: this is also widely used during orthopedic procedures especially while cutting smaller bones.

Rongeur: this equipment is highly used by surgeons while performing back surgeries. It greatly helps in biting away small bones.

Automatic drills: this equipment comes in handy when the surgeons need to install screws, pins, and plates.

There is a wide collection available such as pliers, mallets, screwdrivers, curettes, etc that assist in taking off the bone from the surface.

Tissue instruments

Tissue instruments are the second most common category in orthopedic procedures. However, these instruments are also found in other operating rooms of general surgeries. This category includes various tools such as clamps, scissors, and retractors.

Retractors: when the surgeons need to make their operating site clear and hold back the muscle tissues of the patient they make use of retractors so that they can work easily.

Scissors: surgical scissors are extensively used for cutting wires or tissues

Clamps: this tool is mainly used to cease the bleeding from the vessels


This is the third-most important category related to orthopedic instruments and is used majorly in orthopedic surgeries. Joint replacement has become common in patients and this equipment assists in such procedures to great extent. A prosthesis is very important in joint replacement and other related surgeries. Other power tools are used along with prostheses. To keep the leg bone in place, these power tools work are come into use along with glue and prosthesis.

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