Backhaus towel clamp is a perforating clamp that holds significant importance for securing drapes or towels and grasping the tissues. They are also used for reducing or holding small bone fractures. They are made up of the best quality material to suit multiple surgical needs. This incredible tool allows surgeons to perform fatigue-free surgery.


The Backhaus towel clamp has a ring handle along with a ratchet mechanism. This allows self-locking of the clamp as required. The instrument features a pair of jaws that are curved inwardly for holding drapes and their underlying skin with greater ease.

This tool also features a boxlock joint system that permits smooth movements of joints. This device comprises 1x1 prongs in general with sharp pointed tips that promote enhanced gripping.

Features and specifications

·        They are available in various lengths ranging from 9 cm to 12 cm for assisting multiple surgical requirements

·        The instrument comprises a pointed tip/jaws that allow enhanced gripping

·        The ergonomic finger ring handles provide superior control

·        The ratchet locking mechanism allows self-retaining of the clamp and locking the jaws according to the surgical requirement

·        They are made up of German-grade stainless steel material that makes them durable and rust free

·        Backhaus towel clamp allows both left-handed and right-handed usage by its operator

·        Color-coated versions are also available of these instruments for easy identification of the product by the surgeons


There are mainly two patterns available for this instrument including a tube holder and a regular profile. The regular version is used by the surgeons to hold surgical drapes to the patient's skin statically. Whereas, the tube holder version clamp is ideally used to guide suction tubes into the surgical field.


·        Backhaus towel clamp offers a wide array of surgical advantages. Some of the important uses include

·        The principal use includes providing a delimited and clear view of the operating site by fixating sterile drapes

·        It helps the surgeons to define the margins of the operating site with greater ease

·        The curved blades permit a strong and secure grip over the drapes

·        The use of this instrument makes the surgical procedure hassle-free and fatigue-free for surgeons by enhancing their performance

·        The finger rings of the instrument provide the finest grip, and excellent control over the instrument and prevent accidental slippage


Backhaus towel clamps are made up of premium quality German stainless steel material. The high-quality material and stainless steel make this instrument rust-free, and corrosion-resistant and enhance its longevity. The high-quality material ensures the performance remains effective for a longer duration.


·        It is important to inspect, clean, and sterilize surgical instruments before first use and every re-use.

·        While reprocessing the instruments, it is important to handle them with care wearing proper personal equipment gear.

·        Disinfection agents containing mercury, chloride, active chlorine, iodide, iodine, and bromine should not be used as they are corrosive. These agents may disrupt the functioning of the instrument

·        Do not soak your instruments in hot water, disinfectants, antiseptics, or alcohol to avoid the coagulation of blood, mucus, or other body fluids

·        Do not use abrasive detergents, wire brushes or pipe cleaners, steel wool, etc.

·        Do not use products with high alkaline and high acidic potency for disinfection.

Storage of instruments

After proper sterilization, the instruments need to be kept under environmentally controlled conditions. They must be stored in a way that the products are protected from condensation, excessive humidity, contamination by moisture, excessive air pressure, dust/dirt, etc.

Wrap up

Backhaus towel clamps are vitally used in various surgical procedures. This instrument must be a part of every operating and veterinary surgical kit for its phenomenal uses. We at Acheron instruments provide the best quality products at reasonable prices. We have an extensive range of products including the Backhaus towel clamp with its different variations.

Our products are manufactured with high craftsmanship, advanced technology, and a team of highly qualified experts. We have different variations available for Backhaus towel clamps comprising various lengths and sizes to cater to multiple surgical requirements.


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