Surgical operations demand some serious delicate work by surgeons who need to keep all the important equipment before entering the operating room and surgical scissors are one of them. A wide array of surgical scissors are used in clinics and hospitals depending on their specificity. These scissors are majorly used by surgeons to incise the biological structures such as organs and tissues in different cavities of the body as well as non-biological structures such as adhesive wound bandages, strips, stitching material, and threads. There are mainly two counterparts to each design of pair of scissors that includes the powerful handles that exert force to the tips or edgy blades for cutting various structures. In this article, let us discuss some popular and widely used scissors for operations and their relevant features.

Metzenbaum scissors and Mayo scissors

Surgeons use these two scissors widely depending on the nature of the anatomical structure that they want to lacerate. However, the functions of Mayo scissors and Metzenbaum scissors are different from each other. Mayo scissors are available in curved and straight variations to cater to different surgical needs. Metzenbaum scissors have a curved blade and are preferably used in dissection or deep incisions.

When surgeons are intended to work on hard and bulky structures such as rigid tissues, they mostly prefer Mayo surgical scissors. Whereas, Metzenbaum surgical scissors work best during intricate incisions of soft cardiac tissues while providing great comfort to the surgeon also. The ability of incision and body of both these scissors play a key role in deciding where the use of both scissors can be implemented.

Neurosurgical scissors

Neurosurgical procedures require neurosurgical scissors to lacerate the delicate structures such as the spinal cord, some particular nerves, tissues of the brain, etc. There are various forms of neurosurgical scissors available and each one has its specifications. The suitable structure of these scissors allows the incision of anatomical entities carefully and more precisely. Some types of neurosurgical scissors include Kelly (Adson) Ganglion Scissors (available in straight and curved variations), Strully Neurosurgical Scissors 8" Curved Blade W. These scissors are rust-proof, lightweight, and robust.

Utility scissors

Utility scissors are greatly used in the laceration of non-biological structures like casts, bandages, tubing, and drapes. These scissors can be autoclaved for sterilization and are easy to handle. Utility scissors play a vital role when surgeons need to cut the desired length of wound dressings, stitching threads, adhesive bandages, etc.

Gynecological Scissors

Gynecological Scissors are used in obstetrical and gynecological surgeries to cut tissues and blood vessels. These scissors enable precise incision of female reproductive parts after the delivery such as the umbilical cord and uterine wall. The well-modified structure of these scissors allows the normal functioning of adjoining entities without disrupting them and lacerates the gynecological structures smoothly. Gynecological Scissors are available in angled, curved, and straight variations. The blades of these scissors vary in design where some have edgy blades and others have dull. Some particular forms of these scissors include brain episiotomy surgical scissors and Kelly uterine surgical scissors.

Harrington scissors

When the surgeons have to cut the tissues in narrow and deep surgical sites, Harrington scissors play a primary role. These scissors are widely used to precisely lacerate the constricted tissues underneath the surgical sphere. Careful incisions are necessary for those areas so that the adjoining structures are not damaged or compromised. These scissors deliberately help surgeons to protect the whole surgical area from sharp incisions. Different functions are performed by these surgical scissors in surgeries as they are available in arch-shaped and flat variations.

Iris scissors

As the name indicates, Iris scissors are specifically designed for ophthalmological surgeries. Iris being an important part of the eye require special consideration and these scissors work well with delicate dissection of such areas and other parts of the eye. Iris surgical scissors are used widely in various parts of Asia and the United Kingdom due to their phenomenal structural benefits.

Fergusson Abdominal Scissors

This certain type of scissors works best on the gut area and is used for dissecting and cutting abdominal tissues. Fergusson Abdominal Scissors has a unique design that comprises of counterparts including a strong handle and angled blades. This compatible surgical tool is ideal for atraumatic surgeries where there is a need to cut the abdominal cavity and relevant areas.

Cardiovascular And Thoracic Scissors

Surgeons use Thoracic and cardiovascular scissors in procedures related to the heart, chest, and lungs. A precise and careful cutting is needed in Thoracic cavity procedures as this area comprises numerous arteries and veins along with delicate tissues. Cardiovascular And Thoracic Scissors work tremendously on these sensitive and high-risk surgery areas of the thoracic cavity. These surgical scissors are further sub-categorized as Thorek surgical scissors and Debakey pott's surgical scissors.

Dermal scissors

Dermal scissors are used for cutting and incision moleskin fabric and other dermatological procedures. The efficiency of these tools is impeccable regarding skin-related surgeries and atraumatic cutting procedures whereby protect the surrounding tissues. It is powerful surgical equipment with a heavy-duty structure made up of stainless steel.

Scissors for removing sutures

There are various scissors available to be readily used for the incision of non-biological structures during surgery such as wound dressings and stitching threads. These multi-purpose scissors perform various tasks during surgery such as cutting the tissues inside the human body or at the surface. instead of Metzenbaum surgical scissors, mayo scissors should be used before dealing with the stitching threads. These surgical scissors help to close the wound quickly by driving the needle through the wounded site.

Wrap up

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