Ovum forceps Uses

Want to know about Ovum forceps Uses? The significance of gynecological tools can not be overstated when it comes to women’s health and medical care. These specialized surgical tools are crucial for diagnosing, treating, and monitoring multiple gynecological issues and disorders. One such incredible tool that is a part of every gynecological toolkit for its numerous benefits is ovum forceps. Moreover, the ovum forceps used in the gynecological field make it one of the most essential gynecological equipment.

In this blog, we will be discussing ovum forceps uses, purpose, and significance so that you better know why you need it in your operating room.

What are ovum forceps?

Ovum forceps are specialized surgical tools that surgeons use to hold, grasp, and manipulate multiple tissues of female reproductive organs as well as the ovum and placenta. This instrument is safe to use in the inside uterus area for multiple surgical procedures such as cesarean section, uterine repair, and hysterectomy, etc. also, this is one of the most famous instruments used during IVF 0Invitro fertilization) procedures or egg retrieval surgeries etc.

Ovum forceps are available in different varieties and designs that serve different purposes. Some ovum forceps also known as obstetrical forceps are designed to assist surgeons during vaginal deliveries also referred to as forceps delivery. Such forceps come into use when surgeons have difficulty managing challenging deliveries and want to ensure both the mother's and fetal well-being.

History of ovum forceps

The use of forceps is dated back to the 16th century with the initial versions of obstetrical forceps. These forceps often caused harm to both the mother and the baby and were crude. However, advancements from time to time in technology and medical knowledge led to the development of more effective and safer forcep designs.

The pioneering work of obstetrician Peter Chamberlain was one of the most significant contributions to the development of modern ovum forceps. Although they kept the design of their forceps a closely guarded secret for generations. But eventually, their forceps design became more widely adopted and known.

Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, various physicians kept on improving the forceps design by refining the functionality and shape of the tool to reduce the risk associated with its use.

Today, ovum forceps are one of the most essential gynecological equipment. Also, there are different variations available for this tool to assist surgeons in various gynecological purposes with continuous improvements and modifications. Some versions of this tool are crucial for removing eggs for fertilization from women’s ovaries.


There are multiple variations of ovum forceps used for different purposes. Also, there are different variations in patterns, sizes, and designs to assist in different gynecological needs.

Ovum forceps for egg retrieval

Ovum forceps that are used for egg retrieval typically feature spoon-shaped jaws with sharp edges that make the procedure easier. This type of forceps is usually useful in IVF procedures or other egg retrieval surgeries where they are inserted into the vaginal canal and guided through the cervix into the ovaries. At this point, they can grasp the mature eggs with the help of their ideal concave shape which facilitates grasping the large portions for fertilization purposes in the laboratory.

These ovum forceps are available in both straight and curved variations along with small or large working end patterns to suit different surgical scenarios. Moreover, these forceps feature rivet joints that allow opening and closure movements comfortably.

Ovum forceps for assisting childbirth

These types of ovum forceps generally comprise two curved metal blades that resemble large spoons and can be carefully maneuvered around the baby's head during delivery. Also, they have a specialized design that fits comfortably around the baby’s head without causing harm and minimizes the risk of injury with its rounded design. Moreover, the ergonomic handles of these forceps are curved and long to provide the obstetrician with control and leverage during the delivery process.

Ovum forceps use and significance

Numerous uses of ovum forceps make them one of the fundamental tools in the gynecological toolkit. Let’s have a look at some of its uses:

Assisting in difficult deliveries

One of the main purposes of ovum forceps is to assist surgeons in prolonged or difficult deliveries. There are certain instances where fetal distress, maternal exhaustion, or other complications hinder the natural childbirth progress. At this point, healthcare providers often have to opt for instrumental assistance using ovum forceps thereby called a “forceps delivery”. Specialists carefully apply these forceps to the sides of the fetal head allowing controlled traction to guide the baby through the birth canal.

Egg retrieval in IVF

IVF treatment involves retrieving eggs (oocytes) for the fertilization process in the laboratory. Ovum forceps come into use for the efficient retrieval of mature eggs. It also allows surgeons to use them for the fertilization process without causing any damage to them.

Preservation of egg viability

Ovum forceps have a specialized delicate design that retrieves the eggs with minimal trauma. Also, it preserves their quality and viability which is crucial for the success of subsequent fertilization and embryo development.

Correcting malpresentation

Sometimes the position of the baby can pose high challenges during delivery such as occiput posterior position or transverse lie. Ovum forceps come into use by allowing surgeons to rotate and manipulate the baby’s head into a more favorable position for delivery. Also, healthcare providers can facilitate the necessary adjustments that ensure a smoother and safer childbirth process.

Minimizing fetal and maternal risk

In certain situations, fetal distress or prolonged labor may increase the risk of complications for both the baby and the mother. When skillful doctors make use of ovum forceps, they can help mitigate such risks by expediting delivery. Moreover, when the duration of labor is reduced with the help of using ovum forceps, it is beneficial at so many levels. This includes decreasing the likelihood of maternal exhaustion, fetal distress, and postpartum hemorrhage thereby promoting better outcomes for both involved parties.

Minimally invasive procedure

Ovum forceps are ideally useful for retrieving eggs through a minimally invasive approach. This is better as compared to traditional surgical methods that involve larger incisions and longer recovery times. Therefore, surgeons use it preferably for a more precise and less traumatic procedure.

Advantages of ovum forceps in ovum retrieval 

There are multiple benefits to using ovum forceps for retrieving eggs. Let’s discuss some of those:


Fertility specialists retrieve multiple oocytes in a relatively shorter time span with the help of these forceps. This is particularly important for successful IVF outcomes. 


Ovum forceps allow healthcare providers to extract and grasp oocytes precisely. This is particularly helpful in minimizing the risk of damage to the surrounding ovarian tissue.


Ovum forceps are responsible for the safe retrieval of eggs minimizing the risk of complications such as infection, bleeding, or damage to the surrounding tissues.


Ovum forceps' uses and significance make them stand as one of the most important and indispensable tools in the realm of obstetrics assisting specialists in so many scenarios. However, one must recognize their proper utilization necessitates expertise and skill to maximize benefits and minimize potential complications.

These essential instruments are a must-have for every healthcare facility if you wish to have the best health outcomes in the field of gynecology. Also, you should invest in the best quality gynecological tools as such procedures are delicate and there is no room for any compromise on quality.

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