Surgical instruments are an important component of any medical procedure. They have absolute importance for both minor and major surgical procedures. Various surgical instruments are needed but the basic ones include scalpel, scalpel blade, retractor, scissor etc. Each instrument has a specific purpose without which any surgical treatment remains incomplete. Surgical companies in Pakistan like Acheron provide high-quality instruments with warranties. Such companies are the forerunners as good service providers.

The company has all kinds of surgical instruments from minor to major and also dental surgery instruments. If we talk about the basic surgical instruments, the scalpel is used to make incisions. The scalpel blades are of different sizes, the most common ones are 10,11 and 15. These blades slide into the slot made on the scalpel for them. Retractor is used to gain access and visibility to the surgical site or wound. All the above-mentioned instruments are the fundamentals of any surgical procedure and their quality is the key to the success of any surgical procedure. Moreover, the quality of instruments also assures patients’ safety.

If we go further into the details of surgical instruments, we have needle holders, artery forceps, scalpel blades and surgical scissors. Needle holders are used to holding and pushing a needle while conducting wound closure or litigation. Surgical scissors are used to cut materials like sutures, bandages, skin tissues etc. Artery forceps are another surgical instrument that is used to control bleeding. As previously discussed, a scalpel is used to make an incision and its blades are designed differently according to the site.

All these instruments have several types, shapes and sizes to make them work perfectly. Surgical instruments are made with precision and care, the most common material used in the making is stainless steel due to its excellent resistance and great strength. Other materials include carbon steel, titanium, aluminum etc. Surgical instruments are manufactured in Pakistan, in the city of Sialkot which is famous for producing and exporting good quality surgical instruments to other countries.

Surgical scissors have various types and functions according to the site of action. They are usually named after the people or places of its discovery. For suture cutting, straight Mayo scissors are used which are also called Suture Scissors as they have strong blades and good handling. The curved Mayo scissors are used to cut fascia or heavy tissues. Next in line are Metzenbaum scissors which are used to cut delicate tissues and are also valuable in blunt dissection. The sharpness of any surgical instrument holds importance, as the sharper the instrument, the more promising results are achieved. Black handled scissors are considered to be the sharpest scissors till now but the only drawback of it is that it dulls quickly.

Surgical blades as discussed above are used to make incisions or cuts. They come in a variety of shapes and numbers. The most common ones include blades 10,11 and 15. The 11 number blade is assumed to be the sharpest as it makes explicit cuts that are neither too deep nor very superficial. The scalpel blade has 4 parts, including a sharp tip, the spine of the blade, slot for scalpel handle and a cutting edge. Scalpels are usually made of carbon steel or stainless steel due to their high resistance and corrosion-free properties. Surgical instruments in Pakistan are known to be the best worldwide. They are exported to various countries and it has been observed that many surgical companies have shut down their businesses after Covid and now they rely on Pakistan for the export of surgical instruments.

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