Mastoid surgery is an operation that is performed on the mastoid bone. This operation is performed in severe cases when the infection present in the middle ear spreads into the mastoid.

The mastoid bone is a sensitive area that is present just behind the ear and connects with the air space in the middle ear. As this area is delicate, it requires to be handled with detail and utmost care. Mastoid retractors come into use when surgeons need to target this delicate structure.


The tool is manufactured in different working lengths to suit different surgical requirements. The design of this instrument comprises 3 x 3 sharp/blunt prongs ideally used for atraumatic retraction. It features angled shanks leading to the blades along with curved patterned prongs.

The blade expansion is easily controllable due to the ratchet mechanism. The prongs of this tool interlace when the instrument is closed to give a firm hold to the instrument. This allows the surgeons to perform a fatigue-free surgery as it frees them from the physical fatigue of holding tools.

Uses and Specifications

·        This retractor is most commonly used during mastoid surgeries to assist surgeons

·        This instrument is versatile and can be used for neck and head surgeries such as tracheostomy

·        Greatly used for holding the soft tissues apart and firmly anchoring the retractor to the bone

·        This instrument is available in both blunt and sharp patterns to help surgeons in various surgical scenarios

·        Its ergonomic finger ring handles ensure maximum and optimal control over the instrument

·        The ratchet locking mechanism is ideal to handle the blade expansion and apply the desired clamping pressure. Also, this system allows the surgeons to lock the blades in place and get easy exposure to the wound

·        Various lengths of this retractor are available to suit different surgical applications including small, medium, and large variations

·        This retractor is hemostatic which means it maintains hemostasis by controlling the bleeding and enables atraumatic retraction

·        This tool is made with high-grade German stainless steel that can be reused

·        It comprises two equal-sized prongs. These prongs comprise teeth that allow firm gripping of the soft tissues

·        The approximate length of this retractor is 3 ¼"


Mastoid retractors are made with high-quality German stainless steel material. Due to high quality, these retractors are robust, rust-free, and can be easily cleaned and reused after being sterilized. This instrument is lightweight and has a high-tensile strength.

Wrap up

Self-retaining retractors should be a part of every surgical kit in the operating room. However, you must always choose the best quality products for medical practices.

We at Acheron instruments provide the best quality products at the most reasonable prices. We have a great range of Mastoid retractors available in various lengths to suit multiple applications. Our instruments are made with supreme quality and medical grade stainless steel that makes them strong, robust, and durable. We also manufacture Mastoid retractors in a variety of patterns, configurations, and prongs for our valued customers.


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