Cheek retractors are an important tool in dentistry. They are primarily used to keep the soft tissues away from the teeth and keep them in a retracted position during a surgical procedure. In the old times, dental assistance used to serve the purpose of manual retractors for dentists as they were left with no other option.

But today, the invention of cheek retractors has helped dentists a lot to work hassle-free and professionally. Different factors contribute to making an ideal cheek retractor that includes the comfort of the patient, increased workable space, and absorption.

Uses and specifications

· Cheek retractors comprise non-slippery handles to ensure a firm grip over the product and have a single working end with a blade and an L-shaped stainless steel body.

· Cheek retractors provide a clear view of the surgical site by pulling away soft tissues from that particular area

· They are greatly used in dentistry procedures such as crown preps, fillings, tooth alignment, sealants, and crown cementation

· They are majorly used for restorative procedures on molars and bicuspids

· They generally come in two materials i.e. stainless steel and plastic. However, plastic cheek retractors are more comfortable than stainless steel ones for the patient.

· Good-quality cheek retractors are generally autoclavable. However, disposable ones are also important in a specific types of surgeries

· It retains soft tissues during a surgical procedure for long hours of orthodontic procedures

· They are also used with a whitening kit or tooth whitening pen to achieve a pearly white smile



There are different types of cheek retractors available to meet surgical specialties. Mouth props are also referred to as bite blocks and are used for patients to keep their mouths wide open during treatment who have trouble doing so. They are usually made up of rubber. One more typically used as a retractor is a Dental mirror. Depending upon the course of action, there are different retractors available for the cheek, lip, and tongue.

Cheek retractors with a tongue blade

Cheek retractors are mostly equipped with a tongue blade that holds the tongue in place. The tongue blade can be easily adjusted and removed depending on the procedure requirement. The dentist can choose the right fit for the patient's teeth or can remove it where unnecessary. In any case, this tool is adjustable and flexible enough that it can be fitted comfortably. However, cheek retractors generally cause discomfort and sometimes pain to the patient.

How to use a cheek retractor?

To gain clear visibility and accessibility of all the teeth, here are a few simple steps you can follow for using a cheek retractor. It is not an overly complicated tool and hence, can be used by anyone easily.

1.      Squeeze the cheek retractor while holding it in such a way that the angled side is facing upwards. This way, angled sides will come closer to each other and it will get inserted easily into your mouth.

2.      Gently release the handles while the retractor is in your mouth. This will allow the cheek retractor to fit in your mouth perfectly.

3.      For a better apprehension of your orthodontist, you can click pictures from all angles

4.      For removing the cheek retractor, squeeze the cheek retractor towards your mouth from the inside pulling it out blandly and gently.

Points to consider while using cheek retractors

Here are a few things that should be kept in mind while using a cheek retractor:

·        Your teeth must be fully visible while taking a picture of your teeth. Your lip, cheek, tongue, or any other form of retractor should not hinder the picture of your teeth in any way.

·        The area your picture should cover should be from your chin to your mouth.


Both stainless steel and plastic materials are used for the manufacture of cheek retractors. Stainless steel cheek retractors are more durable as compared to plastic ones because stainless steel is more robust, has a longer life span, and is autoclavable.


Cheek retractors have a significant value in achieving accuracy and efficiency during tooth alignment and other dental or surgical procedures. If you are looking for the best cheek retractors, we recommend you check our exclusive range of cheek retractors crafted by experts. we have an extensive variety that can be chosen according to one's preferences at affordable rates.

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