Allis forceps are also referred to as Allis clamps because their structure resembles a clamp. This instrument features longitudinal serrated tips that allow the manipulation of sensitive tissues. It comprises finger ring handles with a ratchet locking mechanism for self-locking the jaws of the tool. This also allows surgeons to apply the desired clamping pressure. The finger rings design also enables comfortable handling of the instrument and provides better control over it.


There are different varieties of Allis forceps in different sizes and shapes having their characteristics. Some of the most commonly used Allis forceps include:

  • Pedifine Allis Tissue forceps- This tool is greatly used for grasping intestinal tissues securely during surgeries. It has further variations and the length varies from 4 ¾” to 5 ¾”. This tool allows firm and precise grasping with its 4 x 5 teeth feature. This characteristic also enhances the efficiency and performance of the tool.

  • Baby Allis Tissue forceps- This type of Allis forceps is incredibly used for grasping and holding thick tissues. The length is approximately 5 to 5 ½”.

  • Lockwood Allis Tissue forceps- This tool is used for grasping soft tissues and intestines during surgical procedures. The length of the overall instrument is 6”.

  • Allis Adair Tissue forceps- This device is used during surgeries to hold the diseased tissues. The serrated jaws and sharp teeth on the tip provide secure handling of the tissues. The overall length of the instrument is 6” to 6 ½” with 9 x 10 teeth


During rhytidectomy and scalp lift procedures, this instrument is perfect for undermined coverings.

  • Greatly used for lifting dense tissues such as bowel or breast tissues
  • Due to decreased general pressure applied to the site and teeth of the instrument being curved on the inside, this tool causes less damage to the body tissues.
  • A secure atraumatic grip is ensured with the help of delicate teeth
  • Causes less bleeding when used for grasping the cervix for uterus stabilization
  • The non-locking and locking options of the instrument provide more flexibility and options to the user
  • The different variations of this tool has approximate size of that measures from 4” up to 6”


Allis forceps are made with premium Grade German stainless steel material. The high quality makes this tool robust, and durable and enhances its longevity. This tool can also be sterilized and can withstand environmental changes that make it rust-free.

Wrap up

Allis forceps are incredible surgical instruments that are extensively used in different surgical scenarios. The use of these tools not only saves the time of the medical practitioners but also enhances their performance. We at Acheron instruments have an extensive range of Allis forceps available in different sizes and lengths. All our instruments are manufactured in German stainless steel material that will last longer in your operating rooms and that too at the most reasonable prices.

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