Bayonet forceps are tweezer-shaped tools that are primarily used to lift or part the tissues gently. They are also useful while removing sterile wound dressings or holding dressing materials such as gauze and cotton during surgical procedures.

There are different styles and sizes available for forceps with bayonet blades. The price range varies depending on the quality and material used. They are generally made up of stainless steel or titanium.


All types of bayonet forceps are made with two elongated, slightly parted, blunt-edged blades. Before joining into a solid handle, the slightly L-shaped blades bend at the top. Two blades are pinched together by applying slight pressure at the top of the blade that allows the blades to fall back into their parted, normal position. To counterbalance the weight of the blades, the forceps handles are often weighted.


· They are available in different lengths and sizes. However, the length of most bayonet forceps ranges from 5-8 inches (12.7 cm to 20.3).

· The tips of the blades are measured in millimeters and vary for different forceps. The tips may be smooth or toothed (has slightly serrated edges).

· Smooth tips are preferred when delicacy is essential whereas serrated tips are useful when grasping maneuvers.


Depending on the functionality of the forceps, there are various names given to forceps having bayonet tips.

·  Bayonet nose and ear forceps are used to grasp, view or remove materials or tissues within these structures. This is done with their serrated or smooth edges.

· Bayonet dressing forceps are used to grasp and remove sterile dressings from the site of the wound with its serrated edges


Bayonet forceps are made in either stainless steel or titanium material. The tough material used for manufacturing this tool makes it robust, durable, and rust-free. The material is generally sterilizable.

Bayonet forceps for upper molars

The upper molar teeth generally comprise three roots including one palatal and two buccal roots. To fit precisely on the palatal root, the blade of the forceps from the palatal side is round to ensure a better fit. Also, blades on the buccal sides have pointed projections or tips to fit or enter the bifurcation between the buccal roots (distal and mesial).

Bayonet forceps are ideally used for the extraction of upper 3rd molars left and right as their blades are offset to the handle's long axis. In addition, for the extraction of upper posterior roots, bayonet forceps are used with fine curved blades.

Bayonet forceps used in pediatrics

As there is a wide range of bayonet forceps available, a unique version of bayonet forceps is designed exclusively for pediatric dental procedures.

The heads and beaks of this surgical tool are also smaller in size for an increased field of view. It also allows greater movibility in smaller mouths. They are made up of stainless steel material to last longer and enhance the efficacy of the procedure.

Neurosurgical bayonet forceps

Apart from their primary role in dentistry, different types of bayonet forceps are also designed for neurosurgical purposes. During neurosurgical procedures, surgeons use forceps to manipulate tissues and harvest bone. Bayonet-patterned forceps are extremely useful and the most popular choice for these surgical procedures.

Wrap up

Bayonet forceps are widely used by medical practitioners for their impeccable uses. However, these essential tools are also included in-home medical care kits sometimes for their unique uses.

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