This instrument looks like a stylus having a scoop-shaped tip and a handle to be held in the hand. The tip of this tool may be angled and usually has a sharp blade. Curettes are available in different variations having different shapes and types.


There are multiple kinds of curettes available in different shapes and sizes each having its own characteristics. Let’s discuss different varieties of curettes in detail:

Nasal curettes- These are used in the pathologies of nasal cavities for the extraction of intact cells for diagnosing a disease. Some types of nasal curettes include:

  • Coakley Antrum Curette
  • Faulkner Ethmoid Curette

Bushe curettes- These tools are used for scraping or debriding tissues biological tissues or debris in excision, biopsy, or cleaning operations. These curettes are available in the following patterns

  • Straight pattern
  • Angled pattern

Bone curette- These curettes are used during orthopedic surgical procedures for debridement purposes. This tool also provides flexibility during debris removal and fibrous tissues from bones. Some great patterns include:

  • Bone curette Angled
  • Bone curette Straight
  • Bone Curette Straight Double-Handed Knurled T-Handle

Neurosurgery curettes- The structure of these curettes is ideally used for scraping hard surfaces. These tools are also used for the extraction of a sample of abnormal tissues and bone growths. Some important types include:

  • Neurosurgical Brun Bone curettes
  • Hibbs Spratt Spinal Fusion curettes

Dermal curettes- These instruments are primarily used to scrape skin lesions and remove basal cell carcinomas. This type of curette has great sharpness that ensures gentle and effective tissue removal. Some main types of dermal curettes are:

  • Fox Dermal curette
  • Piffard Dermal curettes
  • House Stapes curette

Ear curette- These tools are greatly used for cleaning the ear canal in an atraumatic way. These curettes are designed in such a way that their blunt-ended loops is used to remove the excess cerumen. Some important types include:

  • Lempert curettes
  • Buck Ear curettes
  • Disposable Ear curettes
  • Shapleigh Ear curettes

Scoville Curette- These are specialized to be used on the spinal cord or nerve root (Discectomy) for removing lumbar herniated disc material present on them. Different patterns are available for these tools including smooth patterns, angled and reverse-angled. These surgical curettes generally have small cup tips, long shafts, and rounded handles.


A curette is widely used in different surgical procedures. Some important uses of curettes are as follows:

·        Biopsy

·        Scraping tissues in autopsy

·        Dental purposes such as tooth cleanings, removing dental calculus

·        A soft curette is used to remove ear wax to have a clearer view of the ear and protect from the building up of wax

·        Curettage and dilation where the tool is used to scrape out the uterus contents

·        Excision of some malignant and benign tumors


Reusable curettes can be reused after they are sterilized. They can endure high pressure, heat, and harsh soaps used for cleaning surgical instruments. Disposable curettes can be used a single time and are lightweight instruments that are meant to be discarded. These curettes cannot be sterilized and overuse may cause a breakdown of the tool.


The surgical curettes are manufactured in high-grade German stainless steel material that makes them robust, durable, and rust-free.

Wrap up

Curettes are one of the most essential types of equipment of any operating room tool kit that assists surgeons in multiple surgical scenarios. However, it’s important to choose the righteous instruments for your operating rooms that will last longer and enhance the efficiency of your procedure. We at Acheron instruments provide the best quality curettes at the most reasonable prices. We have an extensive range of surgical curettes to suit multiple surgical applications.


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