William retractor is one of the vital retractors that is commonly used in various surgical procedures to retract soft tissues and organs as well as allow access to the surgical sites. The blades of this tool are made of durable stainless steel material that ensures a long lifespan of the instrument and is corrosion resistant.


William retractor is a self-retaining retractor that comes in different lengths to suit different surgical scenarios. This instrument generally comes in two patterns/designs comprising two arms or blades or arms that are generally referred to as the right and the left blades. Both patterns of this tool are used to retract the posterior soft tissues in lumbar discectomy procedures.

However, left and right patterns are chosen based on the surgical requirements regarding the relevant side of the organs and the side of the surgical site being retracted i.e. left or right. In the right pattern William retractor, the right side of the tool is typically adjustable and can be locked in the specific required position to maintain the desired retraction and vice versa.


  • William retractor is used in lumbar discectomy procedures to retract posterior soft tissues
  • This tool is available in two patterns (right and left)  to suit multiple surgical approaches including spinal, neurological, and orthopedic surgeries
  • The incredible design of this instrument does minimal damage to the underlying tissues
  • This self-retaining retractor is made with high-grade German stainless material comprising of high tensile strength, is resilient and durable
  • The approximate length of the William retractor is 7” with the blade size measuring from 10 x 50 mm up to 20 x 70 mm
  • The blades of this tool can be manually adjusted after being inserted into the wound site and hold the tissues and organs away from the surgical site
  • This tool provides better accessibility and visibility to the surgical site for the surgeons to work


William retractor is made up of premium quality German stainless steel material. The high-quality material and stainless steel make this instrument rust-free, and corrosion-resistant and enhance its longevity. This instrument is also autoclavable and sterilizable. The high-quality material ensures the performance remains effective for a longer duration.

Wrap up

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