The Tuffier Retractor is a hand-operated surgical instrument that enables surgeons to hold and pull back the shoulder blade and its surrounding structures during chest surgery, revealing the ribs and underlying tissues.


The Tuffier retractor comprises an L-shaped wide blade that is essential for holding onto the bony tissues. The ergonomic handle of this tool features a hollow profile and improves the surgeon’s grip as it comes with an antero-inferior projection. The upper surface of this tool has a concave shape that is ideal for reaching narrow spaces and widening the surgical view.


  • Tuffier retractor is a vital tool used by surgeons in cardiovascular, Urology, Gynaecology & Obstetrics, Stomach, and General surgeries due to its ideal design
  • This instrument has an ideal design that is essentially used to manipulate the tissues within the thorax
  • This tool avoids damage to the surrounding blood vessels during surgery due to its blunted rims
  • This retractor can easily hold onto bony tissues as it features a wide L-shaped blade
  • The upper surface of the blade is concave shaped for enhanced vision along with granting better access to the surgeons in the narrow spaces
  • This surgical tool is made with German stainless steel which makes this tool robust, rust-free, and durable
  • The handle of this retractor is designed ergonomically that enhances the surgeon’s hand grip and comes with an anteroinferior projection
  • The approximate length of this tool is 215 mm with the working end blades measuring 58 x 64 mm


Tuffier retractors are made from premium quality German stainless steel material that makes these instruments durable, robust, and sterilizable. These instruments are lightweight having high tensile strength as well as enhanced longevity.

Wrap up

Surgical retractors play a vital role in all surgical scenarios for their impeccable features. These are essential equipment for every surgical tool kit in operating rooms. Tuffier retractors play a major role in orthopedic surgeries and must be present in every surgical toolkit.

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