There are different variations of the Darrach retractors to offer various surgical advantages and suit multiple surgical approaches. All types are made with premium quality German stainless steel material that makes them durable and last longer in your surgical room toolkits.


Darrach retractor has a curved-like spoon-type shape that conforms to the contour of the acromion. It is put under the acromion, softly elevated, and maintained in place so that the surgeon can operate on the shoulder joint, rotator cuff tendons, or other shoulder structures without interference. Different designs of Darrach retractors are available to accommodate different surgical procedures and patient anatomies.


  • Darrach retractor is specially designed to assist surgeons in different orthopedic procedures involving the shoulder area.
  • This tool is available in multiple variations having different sizes, lengths, designs, and widths including bent-narrow, straight-narrow, and wide profiles to suit multiple surgical applications
  • This instrument is also essential for neurosurgical practices for easier manipulation and elevation of bones, tissues, and periosteum with minimal damage to the tissues due to its atraumatic design
  • This retractor features a blunt end structure that can easily move into the surgical area
  • Darrach shoulder retractor improves the visibility and accessibility of the shoulder joint during surgery, leading to faster recovery and better outcomes for the patients
  • This retractor comes in multiple variations both serrated as well as non-serrated versions having an approximate length of 10 ½” to 14”


Darrach retractors are manufactured in high-grade German stainless steel material. This high-quality material makes these surgical instruments rust-free, robust, and durable. These tools have a high tensile strength that enhances the longevity of these instruments. Also, these retractors can be easily sterilized.

Wrap up

Darrach retractors are an important tool used in various surgical procedures. They have a unique design that makes the surgical procedure much easier and fatigue-free for orthopedic surgeons. We at Acheron instruments provide the best quality surgical instruments at the most reasonable prices. We have an exclusive range of Darrach retractors manufactured from premium quality German stainless steel material in variable sizes and patterns to suit multiple surgical requirements.

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