A cervical retractor system also referred to as Caspar cervical retractor system is an essential equipment that is widely used in cervical spine surgeries. This instrument is named after 

German neurosurgeon who developed this tool around 20 years ago by Dr. Wolfgang Caspar. This retractor system is designed to provide better access to the cervical spine area (neck region) to retract soft tissues and organs. these procedures are performed to treat a number of conditions such as degenerative disc disease, spinal instability, herniated discs, and spinal stenosis in the cervical region. We at Acheron instruments manufacture high-quality products that render us one of the best surgical instruments manufacturers in Pakistan.


  • Cervical retractors are hand-held tools that play a vital role in surgeries related to spine region
  • There are various designs, shapes, and patterns available in cervical retractor systems including Caspar cervical retractor and Cloward cervical retractor to suit multiple surgical scenarios
  • This instrument is commonly used to retract soft tissues in fusion and anterior cervical discectomy procedures
  • This retractor is also helpful in treating the conditions such as degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, spinal instability in the cervical region as well as spinal stenosis
  • This tool is generally used in anterior cervical surgeries where the surgeon the cervical spine area from the front of the neck
  • The frame of this instrument generally comprises two arms that are attached to the central shaft and can be locked and adjusted into position for maintaining the desired level of tissue retraction
  • The main components of the Caspar cervical retractor system mainly consist of Caspar blades, Caspar frame, and Caspar Pituitary rongeur which are essentially used to remove the small pieces of tissues and bones during the surgical procedure
  • Cervical retractors provide great accessibility and visibility to the surgical site that enables the surgeons to access the intervertebral discs and vertebral bodies safely
  • The cervical retractor is manufactured in premium grade German stainless steel material that makes this tool easily sterilizable, robust, boasts high tensile strength, and requires low maintenance
  • The Caspar cervical system provides a complete range of blades in various sizes and designs to fit the required technique of the surgeon
  • This tool also comprises of side loading mechanism that enables fast and easy intra-operative handling
  • This retractor allows surgeons to perform their technique hassle-free and comfortably by enhancing the optimal visualization

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