Self-Retaining Retractors are surgical instruments used to hold tissues and organs apart during a surgical procedure, allowing the surgeon to access the area of interest more easily and conveniently. These retractors are designed to stay open on their own, meaning that they require no assistance to keep them open. This allows the surgeon to have two free hands while operating. Self-retaining retractors usually have some type of clamp or ratchet mechanism to hold the tissue in place, such as a screw or a ratchet. This allows the retractor to remain in place without the need for additional assistance. The use of self-retaining retractors provides surgeons with greater flexibility and control during the operation, making it easier and faster for them to perform their work.

Kolbel retractor is one of the specialized self-retaining retractors that is used commonly in orthopedic and spinal procedures. This instrument holds back soft tissues and muscles to access and visualize the surgical area. Kolbel retractor has a scissor-like shape and comes in a variety of forms having different sets of a blade or can also be used alone.


  • Kolbel retractor is primarily used in orthopedic procedures and is well suited for a wide range of open and mini-open shoulder repair procedures.
  • This self-retaining retractor has finger ring handles making the handling comfortable for the surgeons along with the spring-loaded ball bearings
  • The spring-loaded ball bearings are set in each arm of the retractor frame that is greatly used to hold blades while allowing limitless free rotation
  • This retractor is either available in the alone frame or with a set of different blades ranging from 4 sets of blades up to 12 sets of blades
  • Kolbel glenoid retractor has a ratchet locking mechanism that allows surgeons to self-lock the jaws
  • The streamlined design allows maximum control and the curved profile jaws ensure smooth placement
  • The approximate length of this retractor is 8" which is perfect for medium to large incisions
  • This instrument has a lightweight design and a smoother outer build that protects the adjacent tissues from any damage


Kolbel surgical retractors are manufactured in high-quality German stainless steel material that makes these tools robust, durable, and reliable. These surgical instruments can be easily sterilized following the standard method of sterilization for tools. They are rust-free, lightweight, and can withstand environmental changes.

Wrap up

Surgical retractors play a vital role in all surgical scenarios for their impeccable features. These are essential equipment for every surgical tool kit in operating rooms.

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