Seldin retractor is an essential handheld retractor that offers a wide range of surgical benefits with its unique design. This surgical tool is primarily used in dental procedures/ surgeries and provides better visibility for surgeons. This instrument comes in various sizes and styles to suit various surgical approaches. These retractors are made from high-grade German stainless steel material and can be reused after sterilization.


Retractors have a significant role in surgery.

  • They allow surgeons to navigate through minimally open and deep cavities in a better way and can be easily held by an assistant
  • Provide better visibility to the surgical site during and at the end of the surgery that benefits both the patient and the surgical team
  • Holdbacks the underlying organs or tissues for better exposure to the site



  • Seldin retractor comprises a large flat handle featuring double-ended working ends that are slightly round.
  • This dental instrument features a non-slippery handle along with a small end and a larger end. The smaller end is responsible for tissue reflecting and is quite sharp whereas the larger end is responsible is a non-cutting blade that is slightly curved and is used for tissue retracting.
  • This tool is designed to reflect and retract the mucoperiosteum after incisions of the gingival tissue
  • This instrument allows better access to the underlying tissue and bone and performs procedures with great control and precision
  • Seldin retractor is essentially used in oral procedures to retract tissue flaps and comes in various sizes to suit multiple surgical approaches
  • This instrument is manufactured from German stainless steel material to exacting specifications to ensure enhanced longevity and optimal performance
  • The high-quality material makes this instrument lightweight and easy to be handled by surgeons hence making long procedures hassle-free and fatigue-free
  • This hand-held retractor provides support and stability to the surgical site as well as surrounding tissues thereby preventing accidental injury or damage during the procedure.


Seldin retractor is made up of premium quality German stainless steel material. The high-quality material and stainless steel make this instrument rust-free and enhance its longevity. The high-quality material ensures the performance remains effective for a longer duration. This instrument also has a high tensile strength and is robust and lightweight too.

Wrap up

The list of surgical retractors is enormous considering the extent of our whole body including arms, legs, neck, head, tissues, vital organs, etc. So, it's crucial to choose the best quality products for patient safety and enhancing the performance of surgical procedures.

Seldin retractors are vitally used in dental/oral procedures. We at Acheron instruments provide the best quality products at reasonable prices. We have an extensive range of products including the Seldin retractors with their different variations. Our products are manufactured with high craftsmanship, advanced technology, and a team of highly qualified experts.


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