Hohmann retractors are an important tool used in orthopedic surgeries and are also referred to as bony lever retractors. This surgical instrument is primarily used in minimal or invasive knee and hip surgery. They are also used ideally for exposing the bony structures/segments and retracting the soft tissues away during arthroplasty.

This retractor comes in a wide range of lengths and sizes that are used for various applications. They generally feature curved profiles with flat and broad blades for ease of exposure and insertion. This tool is one of the most essential ones for orthopedic needs and is typically stocked up in a wide range in the orthopedic department.


The structure of the Hohmann retractor is designed in such a way that the solid handle creates a blade by flaring out before narrowing again. Different designs have different degrees of curvature that depends on the intended use. Some of the designs are curved at 90 while others have shallow curves. In some surgeries, when there is difficulty to get appropriate leverage with a straight handle, this tool comes into use. It provides more traction for the practitioner.


Hohmann retractor is named after Georg Hohmann (1880-1970) who was a German orthopedic surgeon. He was the leader and instrumental member of the Gmeran orthopedic society. He had a considerable impact during his politically charged period in the field of orthopedics.

Georg Hohmann invented the Hohmann retractor with his fellow Dr. Lange with whom he had an assistantship at that time. Dr. Lange was known for being the pioneer in the field of orthopedics by bringing it out from under the shadows of general surgery.

Features and uses

·        The tip profile of the Hohmann retractor is square, round, or leaf-shaped for engagement with the bone positively.

·        The contoured blade minimizes soft tissue damage and aids in easy insertion and exposure.

·        Orthopedists prefer this surgical instrument massively to retract tissues at the joints' margins.

·        Hohmann retractors are ideal for providing increased exposure for the surgeons and protecting the soft tissues from getting damaged at the surgical site

·        This incredible tool can be used in the veterinary field, hernia repair, dentistry, hand and wrist surgeries, etc too

·        This instrument is unbendable, lightweight, and rust-free that makes it a perfect tool to be added to an orthopedic surgical kit

·        The length of the Hohmann retractor ranges from 5 ½" to 16"


The following patterns are available for Hohmann retractors:

·        Mini Hohmann retractors- this pattern allows for atraumatic application and is made exclusively for retracting tissues. It is available in different variations having different lengths, degrees of curvature, and handle styles. It usually comprises a narrow nature that enables it to reach the surgical site easily.

·        Bent Hohmann retractors- widely used for bone manipulation. It is an essential tool to deviate, hold and secure the tissues in orthopedic surgeries. It assists in better diagnosing due to its extra-long handle. It further comes in different variations such as narrow blade, short tipped, blunt holes, extra-long handles, etc.

·        Right angle Hohmann retractor- this pattern is greatly used in retracting the tissues near the edges of joints. It comprises a broad blade design that is generally right-angled. It is available in further variations.

·        Hohmann retractor angled- this pattern generally comprises of leaf-shaped tip and a small handle. This tool is widely used for retracting tissues. It comes in different variations having different sizes and styles as per surgical requirement


Hohmann retractor is generally made up of high-grade German stainless steel that renders this tool durable, reusable, and can be sterilized. The high-quality material makes this instrument rust-free and gives it a high-tensile strength, and generally requires low maintenance.

Final words

 Hohmann retractors hold vital importance in the field of orthopedics. This tool is used by medical practitioners manually and is not padded so it can be cleaned easily. There are also holders available for these retractors that lock the end of this tool and keep them in place. This way, the operating field is made less crowded and it frees up the hands of the medical practitioner. It also reduces the risk of errors such as a slip of the retractor.

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