Allison lung retractor is a specialized tool that is used in various surgical practices for holding lung tissues. This tool has a unique design that can retract and manipulate the delicate tissues of the lungs with its spatula-like tips and flattened wire blade. It has a fixed wire spatula-shaped working surface and a sturdy handle with a finger rest at the base. This incredible tool is available in different sizes to suit multiple surgical scenarios and is made with high-grade German stainless steel material that makes it lightweight and comfortable for use.


  • Allison lung retractor is an ideal tool used in thoracic and cardiovascular surgeries to retract delicate lung tissues
  • This instrument features fanned flat tips that enable easy handling of delicate tissues and prevent tissue damage
  • This retractor is made with premium German stainless steel material that makes it lightweight and easy to use
  • The spatula's outer edges are smooth to reduce the chance of inadvertent tissue damage
  • The tool has a solid handle and ergonomic design that provides maximum control to the user and the projection on the handle acts as a finger grip that prevents slippage
  • The approximate length of this retractor ranges from 27 cm to 32 cm with a width of 12 3/4”
  • This handheld tool also provides great exposure and accessibility during lung surgery procedures


Allison lung retractors are manufactured in high-quality German stainless steel material that makes these tools robust, durable, and reliable. These surgical instruments can be easily sterilized following the standard method of sterilization for tools. They are rust-free, lightweight, and can withstand environmental changes.

Wrap up

The retractors are an essential part of any surgical tool kit and are used in operating rooms all over the world. We at Acheron instruments provide a vast range of surgical retractors that can be used for plenty of different surgical procedures. Our surgical tools are crafted with highly qualified technicians, the latest technology, and the best quality material because we don’t compromise on quality. Don’t forget to check out our website to get an overview of our amazing products at the most reasonable prices.

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