Kelly retractor has a unique design featuring a wide right-angled blade that has a terminal downward curve. Surgeons can easily slip the blade inside the opening of the incision with this incredible feature without causing any damage or local injury. The surgical view is wider after retraction as the upper surface of the blade is concave in shape. Moreover, this instrument comprises anterior ridges on the fenestrated handle that accommodates fingers. This permits surgeons to perform fatigue-free lengthy procedures.

Uses and specifications

  • Kelly retractors are greatly used for pulling back the edges of the wounds for exposing the surgical field
  • This tool is generally available in two categories including Loop or Hollow Grip Handle. Both types of Kelly retractors are further available in multiple sizes and lengths to suit multiple applications
  • The wide L-shaped blades are ideal for retracting large tissue sections
  • The instrument features a terminal blade curve that avoids tissue slippage
  • The anterior ridges on the fenestrated handle of this tool allow optimal control over the instrument
  • Kelly retractors are used in different surgical procedures including cardiovascular, Gynecology, intestine, Rectum, and General surgeries by retracting the tissues in an atraumatic way.
  • This tool is manufactured in high-quality German stainless steel material. It also comprises high resistance against environmental changes and tensile strength
  • Kelly retractors greatly assist surgeons during surgeries by making the procedure hassle-free and fatigue-free and allowing them to perform lengthy surgeries in less duration
  • There are multiple lengths and sizes available for this retractor measuring from approximately 9 ¾" 2" X 1 ½" to  10" 3 X 1 ½" X 2 ¾"
  • Both the Hollow Grip and Loop handles of the instrument provide a firm grip over the instrument and avoid any type of slippage

Kelly retractors VS Richardson retractors

Hand-held retractors are required to be held in the desired position by the physician assistant, surgical assistant, or surgeon during the surgical practice. These retractors are generally used to move muscles, organs, and tissues for exposing the surgical site. However, it is important to know which retractor is right for your surgical practice. Both Richardson and Kelly retractors fall under the category of Hand-held (manual) retractors. However, there are a few features that make these two instruments different from each other

  • The basic difference between these two retractors is the width and depth of the blades. The blades of Kelly retractors are generally larger (e.g. 3" wide x 3 ½" deep) as compared to the largest Richardson retractor blade measuring 1 5/8" wide x  2 ½" in depth.
  • Kelly retractors are always larger as compared to Richardson retractors


The material used for manufacturing this retractor is high-grade German stainless steel which makes this instrument durable, reliable, and robust. This strong instrument has resistance to environmental changes and is rust-free. This instrument requires low maintenance as it comprises high tensile strength. This tool can be reused after proper sterilization and has a longer life span due to its high-quality nature.

Wrap up

Retractors are always an integral part of operating room kits. These instruments are widely preferred by surgeons to perform a broad array of surgical operations. Kelly retractors are widely used by surgeons for their incredible performance during surgical practices. These retractors not only make the procedure fatigue-free for the medical practitioner but also allow them to enhance the efficacy, efficiency, and timely management of surgical practices. We at Acheron instruments have an extensive variety of Kelly retractors including both Loop and Hollow Grip variations. Our instruments are fine, sharp, and durable as they are manufactured in premium quality material. Millions of medical practitioners across the globe use and rely on our surgical instruments that set high standards in the field of surgery.

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