Allis forceps/ Allis clamps are named after Oscar Allis who invented this tool. This instrument is intended to hold and grip tissues during surgery. It comprises heavy teeth that can grasp and hold heavy tissues of the body. The finger ring holders of Allis forceps provide a secure and firm grip over the instrument and fit comfortably in hand. Different variations of Allis forceps having different lengths are available that can be chosen based on the surgeon's requirements.


  • During rhytidectomy and scalp lifts procedures, this instrument is perfect for undermined coverings.
  • Greatly used for lifting dense tissues such as bowel or breast tissues
  • Due to decreased general pressure applied to the site and teeth of the instrument being curved on the inside, this tool causes less damage to the body tissues.
  • A secure atraumatic grip is ensured with the help of delicate teeth Causes less bleeding when used for grasping the cervix for uterus stabilization
  • The non-locking and locking options of the instrument provide more flexibility and options to the user

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