Pakistan is considered one of the most beautiful places on the planet with its diverse natural beauty. Its majestic mountains and nature’s scenic beauty attract so many tourists across the globe. Thousands of people travel from different parts of the world to witness this beautiful country. Whether you are planning a vacation for a family trip or an adventurous trip with your friends, safety comes first. A traveling first-aid kit is one of those few essentials that shouldn’t be neglected at any cost whether your traveling spot is across the globe or a state.

Keeping the right items with you is essential when you know your doctor’s office is far away. Any healthcare professional or experienced traveler will tell you that things can go wrong occasionally on any trip. So, it’s always advisable to have a well-stocked kit with you.

Health risks you may encounter while traveling

One should not forget the potential risks to well-being and personal health when planning travel, especially to distant, remote, or unfamiliar areas. It’s advisable to take precautionary measures before planning a trip to reduce the risk factors and make sure that the plan is in place despite any minor medical emergencies. Some of the high risks you may encounter in unforeseeable conditions include:

·        Road accidents: poor driving habits, inadequate lighting, poorly constructed roads, and road signs could be the possible reason for road accidents.

·        Fractures or minor injuries from falls: this is most common in adventurous trips while climbing and hiking etc. One of the notorious culprits can be cobblestoned streets causing falls.

·        Insect bites, blisters cuts, and scrapes: no adventure is complete without these!

What must be kept in the first aid travel kit?

Your first-aid travel kit must have all the things you might need in case of emergencies, minor injuries, or illnesses. It doesn’t mean that you keep a whole cabinet of medicines with you but only a few essential things that can be handy in those difficult times. The first-aid traveling kit is usually of portable size so that it doesn’t take much of your space. Let’s discuss a few items that must be included in your first aid kit so that you don’t have to panic in case of minor medical issues.

Primary first-aid items

These are a few basic items that are very important to be kept in any travel emergency kit

·        Pain relievers: ibuprofen or Acitamophen helps to deal with sprains or headaches etc.

·        Hand sanitizer: hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol must be used before touching any scrapes or cuts.

·        Antiseptic wipes: to kill germs while cleaning hands or tools

·        Scissors: these can become very handy when there is a need to cut bandages, gauze, open medication packages, etc.

·        Tweezers: indeed an excellent tool for removing splinters, bee stingers, and ticks.

·        Thermometer: comes to use when you have to check for a fever. Don’t forget to clean with an antibacterial wipe after using!

·        Self-adhesive wrap: you can wrap up injuries, sore ankles, or knees with self-adhesive wraps. These wraps don’t require other tools or pins.

·        Syringe and suture kit: these are essential especially when one is planning an adventurous trip. The suture kit and syringes ensure sterile needles and medical supplies, particularly in remote places. Keeping these essential tools surely gives you peace of mind as you won't like to take any chances.

There are plenty of first-aid kits readily available on market and they can be made yourself according to your requirements. Traveling first-aid kits can be comprehensive or basic and the need for these depends on your distance from professional medical help while you are traveling or medical training.6

Factors to consider while making a travel medical kit

If you are thinking to build your travel first-aid kit, there are a few factors that you must consider to deal with any potential problems:

·        The number of people you are traveling with and their ages.

·        To make a viable medical kit, it is essential to consider the location to analyze the risks associated with that location beforehand such as hilly areas, mountains, lakes, etc.

·        Calculating the number of days you are going to travel will assist you in carrying items that will be needed on a more frequent basis.

·        You must take a closer look at the activities you will be doing such as hiking, camping, tracking, scuba diving, etc. it’s better to make a first-aid kit based on the risk potentials associated with these activities.

·        How far you are going to be from advanced medical care.

·        It's also important to acknowledge the prior medical problems of the people you are traveling with such as pregnant women and old people with heart problems who will require additional medical assistance if needed.

Wrap up

When you are planning your backpacking trip or gap year on your very own and are super excited about the adventure around the world, the last thing you might want to think about would probably be preparing yourself for any medical emergency. However, we cannot deny that medical emergencies can happen anywhere anytime, and can take many forms ranging from minor cuts to serious injuries. Although, preparing yourself for potential risks and carrying travel first-aid essentials can make a huge difference.

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