If you have persistent pain in your big toe accompanied by irritation, swelling, redness, and tenderness along the edge of the nail, there is a high chance you might have an ingrown toenail. Why do you need to worry? Because ingrown toenails can be painful and require careful nail cutting to remove the ingrown area without risking infection. If your condition doesn’t improve and you fear any infection, you need to immediately consult an expert podiatrist. They have specialized surgical tools for removing ingrown toenails and also prescribe medications to prevent complications.

In this blog, we will be discussing everything you need to know about ingrown toenails and why is it important to get it removed. Also, we will delve into the most common tools for removing ingrown toenails.

What is an ingrown toenail?

An ingrown toenail is formed when the edge of the toenail, typically on the big toe, penetrates or fractures the adjacent skin, causing inflammation. Additionally, it can occur when the skin grows on the surface of the toenail. This can lead to bacterial accumulation and, in more serious cases, may contribute to the onset of a severe fungal infection. Also, this condition mostly occurs on the big toe and is most commonly found in males. However, it can happen at any age.

Why is it important to treat ingrown toenails?

There are plenty of reasons why you need to treat ingrown toenails. Let's discuss some of those:

Prevention of infection

As the toenail becomes ingrown, it has a possibility to penetrate the nearby skin creating an opening where bacteria can enter. When this happens, it causes infection characterized by multiple symptoms such as swelling, warmth redness, and drainage. Therefore, it is important to go for swift intervention as soon as possible to prevent infection and the potential spread risk of it spreading to adjacent areas.

Relief from pain

Ingrown toenails can be very painful and cause discomfort making it difficult for the person to engage in daily routine activities including walking and standing too. with proper treatment, you will relieve pain by addressing the source of the problem, allowing individuals to regain comfort and mobility.  

Prevention of further nail damage

there is a greater risk of continued damage to the nail and surrounding tissues when the ingrown toenail persists for a longer duration. Therefore, timely treatment is recommended to help protect the integrity of the nail. This in turn reduces the likelihood of permanent damage or deformities.

Avoiding complications

If you neglect the ingrown toenails for a longer duration, they can ultimately lead to more severe complications, such as abscess formation or the development of chronic infections. Hence, it’s better to address these issues and resolve them beforehand to reduce the likelihood of more invasive treatments.

Preventive measures for recurrence

Preventive measures are taken with proper treatment that helps prevent the recurrence of ingrown toenails. This may include guidance on proper nail trimming techniques and footwear choices which helps individuals to avoid future episodes of this painful condition.

Natural remedies for treating ingrown toenails

There are multiple remedies that you can try at home to treat ingrown toenails. Most of the people opt for such options before they book an appointment with the doctor. Here are a few of them that might help:

Applying essential oils 

There are certain essential oils that prove to be an effective way to soothe and soften the skin. Rub the essential oil on the affected area that may draw out the toenail out of the skin or minimize the pain.

Washing foot

Soak the affected foot area in warm water for three to four days. You can also add mild soap and Epsom salt into it to keep the bacteria away and keep your skin soft.

Dental floss

Dental floss can be helpful to shift the direction of the nail into the correct direction by putting it under an ingrown toenail. The ingrown toenail emerges when the nail starts growing in a downward direction into the skin. You need to lift the nail edge gently that contains the ingrown toenail and put dental floss between this area.

Castile soap wash

You can opt for the option of daily washing your affected foot with castile soap only once if you cannot soak it three to four times a day. Gently wash the nail bed using a soft washcloth along with soap and water.

Podiatry tools for removing an ingrown toenail

There are multiple remedies on the internet that suggest how you can cut the ingrown toenail at home. But, you should be very careful as any mistake or incorrect cutting of ingrown toenails can worsen the issue and lead to severe pain or infection. Therefore, consulting a podiatrist is always a better idea when symptoms get worse and you are unsure about cutting your ingrown toenail. Professional podiatrists have multiple tools used to remove ingrown toenails which makes the procedure more secure and efficient.

Let’s discuss these tools in detail

Nail nippers

These essential tools have a special design that podiatrists use for trimming and cutting nails precisely. Also, these nippers play a crucial role when surgeons have to remove the problematic area of the nail in ingrown toenail surgery. Moreover, podiatrists trim the nails with the ideally curved and sharp blades of this tool. Additionally, this tool is ergonomically designed to prevent damage to the surrounding tissues and allows access to the ingrown area accurately.

Ingrown nail lifters

This instrumental tool is great for managing ingrown toenails with their slender and flat design. Podiatrists employ this instrument to gently lift and separate the ingrown nail skillfully from the surrounding skin.

A podiatrist can raise the ingrown nail’s edge with the help of this tool. This establishes a sufficient space and allows the nail to grow perfectly. Using this method is helpful and acts as a preventive measure for the recurrence of the ingrown toenail in addition to promoting healing.

Nail files

Podiatrists mostly use this tool in post trimming phase. These tools are helpful for gently filing down the ingrown toenail edges after the nail trimming process. The gentle filing is essential as it smoothens out rough edges. This in turn prevents the development of sharp corners that could potentially penetrate the surrounding skin and cause additional discomfort. Podiatrists use this tool to ensure a more appropriate and comfortably contoured shape of the nail.

Nail splitters

Specialized nail splitters are generally opted by podiatrists in cases when there are severe kinds of symptoms. Also, these specialized professional pedicure tools are designed to longitudinally divide the affected nail without causing damage or pain. Nail splitters generate a gap that enables podiatrists to relieve pressure efficiently prompting the growth of nails in the appropriate direction. This approach noticeably reduces discomfort and lowers the risk of complications.

Probes and elevators

Probes and elevators are the most important tools in the podiatrist's ingrown toenail removal toolkit. These professional surgical instruments feature curved or angled tips and play a pivotal role in delicately raising and separating the skin from the ingrown nail. This effective technique diminishes inflammation, eases discomfort, and promotes the correct alignment of the nail as it grows.


Curettes come into use when specialists have to remove debris or infected tissue from the nail bed or its surroundings. These are one of the important tools for removing ingrown toenails that have small, scoop-shaped tips. Podiatrists rely on these tools to guarantee controlled and accurate toenail removal. This in turn creates a clean and healthy environment for the healthy growth of a nail.

Toenail scissors

Toenail scissors are one of the staples of an ingrown toenail toolkit. Podiatrists use this tool to do the precise trimming of nails that comes with fine-pointed tips. Also, these scissors are essential for delicate cutting and are able to access hard-to-reach spaces.


The use of hemostats in the removal of ingrown toenails can not be overstated. These clamp-like instruments come in handy when healthcare practitioners have to hold and grasp the nail securely. Therefore, it facilitates precise extraction without causing excessive bleeding.

Also, the use of this tool ensures efficient performance while maintaining a clear field of vision for the healthcare professional.


An ingrown toenail can be painful and cause discomfort affecting daily life activities to a great extent. Despite multiple home remedies to treat it, any signs of symptoms worsening should not be taken lightly such as pain, pus, swelling, or redness. you should take an immediate treatment plan by booking an appointment with a healthcare professional to avoid any further complications. This is so because, it is essential to determine the most appropriate course of action, which may include surgical intervention using specialized tools.

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