Before we began to discuss Allen intestinal clamp, let's discuss a bit about colon and rectal surgeries.

Gastrointestinal diseases have become very common in the past few decades. The incidence and prevalence of digestive diseases have dramatically changed during the 20th century. The increase in digestive diseases is a result of many factors such as sanitation, vaccinations, the introduction of new drugs, food supply, etc. The growth rate of such diseases is higher in the United States as compared to other countries.

Approximately 1.3% of adults were reported of having gastrointestinal diseases in the USA in 2015 which is indeed a huge increase in such cases since 1999. IBD (Inflammatory bowel disease) is also reported by the majority of the people having some factors in common including:

  • Living in poverty
  • Hispanic or non-Hispanic white
  • Aged 45 years or older
  • Living in suburban areas
  • Not employed currently

Benign and malignant conditions of small and large intestines are treated through rectal and colon surgeries. After the screening examinations are done, surgeons perform these surgeries with utmost care. Anorectal regions are also covered in these surgeries. The five types of colon and rectal surgeries are as follows:

  • Low anterior resection
  • Left hemicolectomy
  • Subtotal colectomy
  • Right hemicolectomy
  • Abdominoperineal resection

Advancements and research on healthcare professions have evolved over years. These have led to changes in diagnostic tests, the introduction of new drugs, and minimally invasive procedures. Hence, these advancements also contribute to positive outcomes for the population. Instrumentation is also playing a crucial role as a result of such discoveries and research side by side.

Colon & rectal surgeries and the use of Allen intestinal clamp

Allen intestinal clamp is one of the most essential instruments used for colon & rectal surgeries. This tool provides the perfect tactile reflex that is used for the manipulation of intestinal tissues. This instrument is one of the most widely used and demanded tools in surgical procedures. Here's why:

Multiple uses

Allen intestinal clamp is ideally used for the rectum and stomach to maintain enough hemostasis. It is widely used during surgical operations for gripping smaller structures. Furthermore, it's quite useful when it comes to grasping intestinal walls, blood vessels, fibrous structures, and mucous surfaces securely.

Unique design

Allen intestinal clamp has a unique shape and design that comprises toothed edges. The toothed-edged design makes it ideal for grasping and clamping tissues. This tool ensures secure handling as it features longitudinal serrations. The manipulation becomes super easy with its ring handles. This instrument is also referred to as \"toothed forceps\" and it ensures deep access to the tissues with the slender design of the clamp.

Secure grip

Allen intestinal clamp is highly appreciated for providing a secure grip and atraumatic applications. It is one of the most versatile instruments that are highly demanded in a wide range of operations/surgeries.

Use in multiple surgeries

Depending on the surgeon's preference and surgical need, the design of this instrument is delicate enough to be considered for different surgeries. There are multiple variations available for this instrument to accommodate surgeons for various surgical procedures with ease and greater efficiency. The versatility of this tool makes it ideal to be used for clamping purposes in surgical procedures.

Longevity and durability

The body of this instrument is robust as it is made up of high-quality German stainless steel. The unbendable design of this tool is rust-proof and has a long life span. It can be reused after proper sterilization and must be handled with proper care.


What is the purpose of the Allen intestinal clamp?

Allen intestinal clamp that is also known as "toothed forceps" or "Allen clamp" is excessively used for clamping blood vessels, skin surface, and intestinal tissues during surgical procedures.

Are there multiple types available for Allen clamps?

Yes, there are multiple variations available for the Allen intestinal clamp that accommodates surgeons in various types of surgeries.

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