A surgical instrument is a tool or gadget which is used to perform a particular action during an operation or surgery. There are a wide range of surgical instruments or tools present to employ during a surgical procedure. Every tool has its specific use, advantage and disadvantage. Every surgeon should know about the surgical tools not by their names but also how and when to use them. In Pakistan, Sialkot has been producing surgical instruments in Pakistan for over 100 years and trading to utmost nations all over the globe. The surgical instruments manufactured in Pakistan are very hygienic and produced in a highly critical environment. Pakistan produces quality assure instruments that are safe for surgery.

The medical instruments are manufactured from titanium and high-quality steel to give them longevity and sharpness. The tools are made to be easy handling and to cause less fatigue. Handles have been carefully designed to allow for easier rotation, better control and precision. Manufacturers of surgical instruments in Pakistan are well known due to instrument quality, durability and for its assurance all over the world. All the instruments whether they are dental or surgical are produced under the critical eye of the practitioner’s skill. Pakistani manufacturers are dedicated to offering a product line that ensures quality and remarkable value to the customer, as well as a level of service, contentment, and cooperation that has become iconic with the Pakistani industry. There are many surgical companies in Pakistan that are running their business from the last decades.

Medical Instruments

A medical instrument or abscission tool is a tool or device used to perform certain actions or achieve desired outcomes during a surgery or operation, such as transforming biological tissue. There are many surgical tools that are used in operation theaters or dental clinics. Over time, different kinds of surgical instruments and tools are introduced in the medical field. Different types of surgical instruments are used in typical surgery. There are many kinds of surgical instruments manufacturer in Pakistan which are used for surgery like:

  • Needle holder
  • Organ and Tissue Grasping Forceps
  • Hemostatic Forceps
  • Bulldog Clamps
  • Artery Forceps
  • Vessel Clips
  • Approximators
  • Dissecting- and Ligature Forceps
  • Surgical Needles and Needle Cases etc.

Use of Needle Holder

In them needle holder is also called a needle drive designed to securely hold and manipulate needles and the ends of suture material. The handles consist of a ring, a shank and a ratchet mechanism that hold the needle in its place. The needle holder is made from stainless steel material.

Use of Artery Forceps

Artery forceps are used to block a ruptured artery to avoid bleeding, that is also called homeostat. These are generally used by combat soldiers and civilian paramedics to save them acute risk of dying from significant blood loss. There are hundreds of types of Artery Forceps that are used in medicine, from obstetrics of dentistry to general surgery.

Use of Surgical Scissors

Surgical Scissors are used for cutting sutures, removing wound dressings, used for cutting of subcutis, undermining and deep facial layers. They may have short or long handles while the blades are curved or straight and smooth or serrated.

Surgical tools in Pakistan

Pakistan is included in those countries who export hand-held quality surgical tools all over the globe. A large number of surgical tools in Pakistan are manufactured in Sialkot and exported to developing countries. Pakistan contributes globally 25% of hand-held medical instruments. Our country is well-known due to assured quality standards on what they produce. Surgical tools are of great importance in the medical field that they must be sharp and easy to use during surgery.

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