Metzenbaum scissors are specifically designed for tissue dissection and fine cutting in different surgical procedures. They are used for multiple surgeries and are also used for blunt and delicate dissection of tissues. The blades of Metzenbaum scissors are sensitive and should not be used for cutting suture as it may cause dullness of scissors and negatively affects the functionality of the tool. Their design resembles mayo scissors but has a more delicate structure. The shank-to-blade ratio of this instrument is slightly long and the blades have blunt tips usually. However, different variations are available in which the blades can be straight or curved.

Uses and characteristics

  • Super sharp and super cut versions are available for quick, efficient, and smooth tissue dissection
  • Ideally used in veterinary surgeries in organ-related procedures
  • Different color-coated versions are available to assist surgeons in easy identification
  • The delicate variant of this tool is ideally used for sensitive surgical procedures that cause minimal damage to the structure
  • The delicate design makes these scissors a great option for fatigue-free surgery


There are different designs and types to cater to various surgical requirements. There are standard straight and curved variations available. Some of them also have tungsten carbide inserts. The standard length of these scissors ranges from 5” to 14 ½”. Some of the most commonly used Metzenbaum scissors include:

  • Metzenbaum scissors straight left hand
  • Metzenbaum Gum scissor
  • Metzenbaum scissors curved SuperCut 7 inches
  • Metzenbaum scissors tungsten carbide straight


Metzenbaum scissors are lightweight, reusable, autoclavable, and robust. It is generally made up of high-quality stainless steel material. The atraumatic cutting action is also guaranteed while using these scissors. These are crafted from heat-hardened surgical grade Stainless steel that can be reused and sterilized.



Metzenbaum scissors are the most common type of scissors used for organ-related surgeries. We have a variety of sizes and types available for these scissors that are crafted with special care and the best quality material.

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