PCL (posterior cruciate ligament) retractors are essential surgical tools that are used during PCL procedures to hold back or retract the tissues and structures by straddling the cruciate ligament. PCL is a knee ligament that keeps the knee joint stable and connects the thighbone to the shinbone. During PCL surgical practices, surgeons may need to move or retract some structures to perform necessary repairs in the PCL area by gaining better access through the PCL retractor. This tool is a great surgical equipment that is available in different sizes and shapes to suit multiple surgical approaches.


PCL retractors are designed to straddle crucial ligaments that lie under the area of the femoral condylar notch and allow the tibia to be pulled apart from the femur by the surgeons. This allows getting better accessibility in the area. The instrument's handle is curved away from the operative area and the molar weights can be used to hold the retractor in place.

After the instrument is in place, a safe view behind the joints can be obtained using this incredible retractor. This tool features flat and wide prongs that work efficiently during surgical procedures. There are different designs of PCL retractors available that are chosen based on the specific surgical requirement.


There are different varieties of PCL retractors and each variety is available in different lengths and sizes. Some of the most commonly used variations of PCL retractors are:

  • Self-retaining knee retractor- It features a ratchet mechanism that is useful in knee and hip surgeries for retracting tissues and other biological substances.
  • PCL retractors double prongs- These are vitally used in minimally invasive surgeries and come with adjustable lengths along with ergonomic handles.
  • PCL retractor MIS Pointed tip- This type of PCL retractor has a pointed tip and is used in various invasive surgical practices.
  • PCL standard- The standard version is useful in multiple surgical procedures by providing accuracy and precision in surgeries.


  • PCL retractor is primarily used in orthopedic procedures for straddling the cruciate ligament and to hold back or retract tissues and other structures during surgeries.
  • It comes in different variations in various lengths, designs and sizes
  • The size of the standard PCL retractor ranges from 8” to 10” approximately comprising single or double prongs design
  • It has a unique structure that enhances the accessibility for the surgeons in the required area hence providing more accuracy and precision


PCL retractors are made from premium quality German stainless steel material that makes these instruments durable, robust, and sterilizable. These instruments are lightweight having high tensile strength.

Wrap up

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