Surgeons update their surgical instruments every now and then based on revolutionary changes and advanced technology. The advancement in surgical instruments allows surgeons to perform their surgical procedures efficiently providing the best care to their patients. In this article, we are going to have an overview of an important surgical instrument named the Martin Cartilage clamp that is used widely in orthopedic surgeries.

Martin cartilage clamp was named after a scientist \"martin\" who designed this instrument specifically for clamping cartilage. It is quite easy to handle cartilage with this tool as it provides a firm grip on the cartilage. The ring handles and zig-zag teeth design makes manual manipulation easier and is well-suited for handling cartilage.

To achieve successful results related to cartilage integration, surgeons make extensive use of this amazing tool. The procedure of cartilage integration is quite a tough job especially when it comes to the success of tissue engineering protocols. Martin cartilage clamp is ideally used for meniscus repair and other repairs related to torn cartilage.

Martin cartilage clamp is an incredible tool to be used in the induction of cartilage integration.

Let's discuss this in detail.

Induction of cartilage integration

Martin cartilage clamps are significantly used for tissue engineering methods. Obesity and other health-related issues have generated many further issues in the human body such as damage and degeneration of articular cartilage which has become a serious health complication. Articular cartilage creates a hindrance in the auto-generation process by having a limited capacity. During the integration process, surgeons make use of cartilage clamps for reliable, durable, and efficient placement of articular cartilage.

A collagen-scaffold implant/chondrocyte is a method that involves the manipulation of torn cartilage along with the integration of cartilage. This process allows controlled chondrocytes to carry through both host and mature implanted cartilage tissues. The implantation of engineered tissue in this approach makes significant use of the Martin cartilage clamp. This tool provides maximum comfort to the surgeons while ensuring atraumatic induction of cartilage on site. To migrate the tissues precisely, there is a need to effectively induce the integration of cartilage. Hence, this tool allows the surgeons to divide the tissues between two surfaces of cartilage and ensures that they are put in the right place accurately. The clamp is an incredible tool to be used for meniscus repair as well as other surgical repairs of torn cartilage apart from the integration of articular cartilage. This clamp also aids in rectifying the disc placement of cartilage which might affect the integration process. Depending on the surgical need and type, there are plenty of variations available for this category. Surgeons can choose the perfect one based on their requirements.

Production of Martin cartilage clamp

Martin cartilage clamp is made up of fine-quality medical-grade stainless steel. The robust material makes this instrument a brilliant tool having high tensile strength and being resistant to environmental changes. This tool requires low maintenance and has remarkable built-in corrosion resistance.

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