Cloward retractors are one of the most commonly used retractors that are mainly used in spinal and orthopedic surgeries. This instrument allows retracting delicate tissues with much comfort and ease due to its blunt blades and unique design. This surgical tool comes in different variations and lengths to suit multiple surgical approaches. These tools are manufactured with high-grade German stainless steel material to last longer in surgical toolkits.


A Cloward retractor is a versatile surgical tool that comprises blunt blades having blunt edges that allow this tool to slide under the incision edges easily. This surgical instrument includes solid lateral blades that also ensure atraumatic retraction. Cloward retractors are self-retaining retractors that enable comfortable handling with their ergonomic and lightweight design. This tool is user-friendly and comes in multiple variations to allow small to medium incisions.


  • Cloward retractors are self-retaining retractors that are primarily used to extract tough fibrous incisions to allow improved access to the surgical site
  • This surgical instrument is frequently used in orthopedic and spinal surgeries
  • This incredible instrument prevents damage to soft tissues due to blunt blades
  • Cloward retractors can easily slide under the incision edges with their blunt edges and solid lateral blades
  • Provides better access to the surgical site by securing and retracting organs, sheaths, and skin as well as tissues
  • This tool comprises a ratchet locking mechanism that gives it a self-retaining ability and better control for the surgeons
  • The ergonomic finger rings and structure provide comfort and better handling to the medical practitioners
  • The overall length of this instrument is approximately 15 cm which is ideal for small and medium incisions
  • Cloward retractors are made with premium quality German stainless steel material with a satin finish that reduces glare.



The Cloward retractor is made of premium German stainless steel, which is highly durable and rust-proof, allowing it to withstand environmental changes and be sterilized for multiple uses. This material provides a strong, reliable instrument that can be used in surgical procedures requiring precision and accuracy. The Cloward retractor is also easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that it can be used repeatedly without any concerns of contamination or damage.


Retractors play a crucial role in surgical procedures. They come in different shapes, designs and sizes. Cloward retractor is an incredible surgical tool that is used widely in surgical procedures, especially abdominal surgeries. It is an essential piece of equipment that must be a part of every surgical toolkit due to its remarkable performance in surgical procedures.

Retractors not only provide better exposure to the surgical site but also assist in providing safety to the patient. We at Acheron instruments provide the best quality surgical instruments that are made with premium quality German stainless steel. Our tools are made with the help of advanced technology and the finest craftsmanship. Our instruments are reusable and have a longer life span.

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