Senn retractors are one of the remarkable retractors that are notable for their double ends. These instruments are manufactured in premium quality material to last longer in the operating rooms.

Uses and features

·        Senn retractors are hand-held retractors that require to be held by a medical practitioner during a surgical procedure.

·        These double-ended retractors are greatly used in various surgical procedures. this tool is used during plastic surgeries, vascular surgeries, and other procedures that involve soft tissues and skin.

·        Senn retractors also allow incredible performance in joint and small bones procedures as well as dissection of neck tissues and thyroidectomy.

·        These instruments are ideally used to hold open the muscle or tissue in small surgical sites.

·        The three primary features of this instrument include having L-shaped ends, sharp/blunt prongs, and a Double-ended design. These features make this instrument one of a kind and useful in plenty of surgical practices.

·        This instrument has a flat, straight handle with one rake end comprising of sharp tips. Whereas, the other one is squared off the blunt end.

·        There are different variations available for Senn retractors having different lengths and sizes

·        This tool generally comprises a long handle and sharp-pronged tooth

·        The approximate length of this instrument is 6 ¼ " to 6 3/8"

·        The ergonomic design of these retractors allows central handling of the tool for providing maximum surgical control

·        The sharp prongs of this instrument allow retracting heavy tissues to safely

·        The prong's end measures approximately 7mm x 18mm and the solid blade measures approximately 5mm x 18mm.

·        The smooth design of this tool allows surgeons to perform surgery with greater ease and efficiency.

Design of Senn retractors

One end of the Senn retractor is L-shaped comprising a single blade. Whereas the other end consists of a three-pronged claw designed in a curling fashion. The prongs can be blunt or sharp.

History of Senn retractors

This instrument was developed by a physician named Nicolas Senn( 1844- 1908). The origin of this great retractor is dated back to the 10th century A.D.

Dr. Senn used to perform his operations under a fog of carbolic acid spray as he was an early adopter of Listerism. He believed that surgical instruments have to be smooth surfaced as it's essential to help prevent infection. This concept, in addition to the need for retraction in superficial wounds, led to the development of Senn retractors.


Senn retractors are made up of high-quality German stainless steel material with mirror polish finishing. As this instrument is made with high-quality material, this tool is generally hard-wearing, and reusable. Senn retractors are also robust, rust-free, and light-weighted.

Wrap up

Senn retractors are incredible tools that are massively used in surgical operations. It allows a smooth and fatigue-free performance by surgeons in the operating rooms.

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