Mueller retractor is one of the vitally used self-retaining retractors that surgeons use to hold back and retract tissues that allows them to access and operate on underlying structures. This surgical tool is named after the esteemed surgeon named Dr. Johannes A. Mueller and is renowned for its adaptability and versatility to diverse surgical settings. The self-retaining nature of this tool reduces the need for manual assistance that enables the surgical team to focus on the procedure at hand.


  • Mueller retractor is used in various surgical practices including orthopedic, abdominal, cardiovascular, and thoracic surgeries as well as reconstructive and plastic surgeries by providing clear visualization and tissue retraction
  • This tool is greatly used to hold tissues away from the operative field improves visibility and allows surgeons to navigate and identify vital structures accurately
  • It comprises a handheld handle with a ratchet mechanism and one or more curved blades attached to it
  • The blades of this tool can be adjusted and locked into the desired position to maintain the desired retraction and exposure during surgery
  • The blades of this instrument can easily accommodate different surgical sites and procedures as they have a typically elongated and narrow shape that comes in various configurations and sizes
  • The self-retaining mechanism of this tool is ideal for facilitating better maneuverability during intricate operations and frees up the surgeon’s hand
  • The approximate length of this hand-held retractor is 15” with a handle length measuring about 7 ¼”
  • The long handle of this tool provides better leverage and accessibility to the surgical areas


Mueller retractors are manufactured in high-grade German stainless steel material. This high-quality material makes these surgical instruments rust-free, robust, and durable. These tools have a high tensile strength that enhances the longevity of these instruments. Also, these retractors can be easily sterilized.

Wrap up

Mueller retractors are an important tool used in various surgical procedures. They have a unique design that makes the surgical procedure much easier and fatigue-free for surgeons. We at Acheron Instruments provide the best quality surgical instruments at the most reasonable prices. We have an exclusive range of Mueller retractors manufactured from premium quality German stainless steel material in variable sizes and patterns to suit multiple surgical requirements.


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