Iris scissors have an extremely sharp point and are generally small in size which makes them very useful for delicate detailed work with precision. It is a multiple-purpose device used in the field of medicine that was previously only used in ophthalmic procedures.

Design of Iris scissors

 Iris scissors are robustly hard, fine and sharp in general. They are greatly used for surgical purposes and the dissection of delicate tissues. Iris scissors are characteristically designed which makes them a finger-friendly tool.

The unique design of these scissors makes the working of surgical procedures easy and fatigue-free. The finger holder is available in ribbon shape as well as ring shape that enhances the comfortability of this product.

Characteristics of blades

The blades of iris scissors are sharp, smooth, and hard which makes this instrument an essential helping tool for the incision of tissues and muscles. There are two types of blades available for iris scissors. The types of these blades include:

Straight blade- this type of blade is usually used for cuts/ incisions made on a flat surface

Curved blade- this kind of blade is specifically designed in narrow-spaced areas for tissue contouring


Features and uses

·        Iris scissors are greatly used in postmortem examinations, ophthalmic surgeries as well as other wide range of applications

·        The tip of iris scissors is quite fine and sharp that ensures fine cutting action

·        They are multi-purpose scissors and are used for plenty of different medical tasks as well as crafts related to plastic and fabrics

·        These scissors are also a part of tool kits in autopsy and dissection facilities and are greatly suitable for detailed delicate work

·        The sharp tips come in angled, straight, or curved styles.

·        The majority categories of Iris scissors possess a high tensile strength

·        They are available in different sizes and shapes ranging from 3" to 4"

·        These scissors are easy to handle for the surgeons and provide firm control over the instrument due to their comfortable finger-ring handles

·        It is widely used for treating necrotic tissues and digging particles on fragile tissues such as removing tiny pieces/particles on the cornea.

Variations and types

They are available in straight and curved variations in general. They also come in variations having tungsten carbide inserts. Here are some common types of iris scissors :

·        Iris scissors Standard Angular- comprise of curved ends for detailed dissection and removing sutures

·        Dewecker Iris scissors- specifies squeeze flat action and are mainly used for manipulating and handling delicate tissues in ophthalmic surgeries

·        Knapp Iris Scissors Straight- ideally used for cutting and precise dissection of tissues

·        Iris scissors Straight Left hand- designed specifically for sharp and fine dissection of delicate and sensitive tissues including neuro, eye, ENT, and general surgical procedures

Sharpening the iris scissors

Sharp scissors are effective for fine and crisp cutting. Sharpening of iris scissors must be done very carefully and with the help of a practiced technician so that their performance is not compromised.

To sharpen a pair of iris scissors, a very thin layer of the cutting surface is filed off for creating a new cutting edge. A fine and small triangular file can be used for this purpose. Also, one can use a triangular sharpening stone if easily accessed to achieve better results. Moreover, it is also crucial to oil the moving parts of the scissors so that they can smoothly operate.


This tool must be stored safely in such a way that the tips of these scissors are covered and secured in a storage container when not in use. If not covered properly, it may result in accidental cuts as the tips are very sharp.


Iris scissors are made up of fine quality high grade German stainless steel. These scissors are lightweight material, robust, corrosion-resistant, rust-free, and generally require low maintenance. They are steam sterilizable and have high tensile strength.


Iris scissors are an essential instrument that is used in the majority of surgical practices. we at Acheron instruments provide the best quality instruments to our valued customers. Our instruments are reliable and last longer because of the fine material manufactured by a team of experts.


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