Ragnell retractors are hand-held retractors that are widely used in various surgical procedures due to their versatile design. These double-ended retractors allow surgeons to get better exposure to the operating site by pulling apart the edges of the incision and retracting soft tissues. This retractor is available in different sizes and lengths to suit multiple applications. These are made with high-grade German stainless steel which makes this instrument strong and reliable.

Design of Ragnell retractors

Ragnell retractors feature L-shaped blades that can easily slide underneath incisions and tissues. The unique design allows for widening the wounds for better exposure. It comprises double-ended blades that are controlled by surgeons using a central handle.

Surgeons can swipe between the small and large blades easily with a simple finger rotation at their central handle. The L-shaped concave blades slip easily under the tissues without damaging the surrounding structure.


The history of surgical retractors is dated back to the stone age in its very basic form. Antlers and different kinds of branches were used to dig food from the ground. A variety of instruments start to be used for the use of grasping fingers for dissecting bodies and butchering meat etc.

Archeologists found various Roman metal instruments of the retractor and hook family.In 1000 CE, the surgeon Abulcasis wrote a book called Al-Tasrif, which described various surgical tools, including retractors. A variety of retractors and hooks were then described by Vesalius in the 1500s. a slurry of development in the invention of an advanced version of retractors started in the 20th century.

Uses and features

·        Ragnell retractors have a double-ended structure used widely across the surgical procedures

·        This retractor is ideally used in hand and foot surgeries for opening incisions and wounds

·        This retractor in various surgeries such as orthopedic surgery retracts tissues and organs. This surgical instrument provides better surgical site exposure by pulling apart incision edges and retracting soft tissues.

·        It features L-shaped blades making it easy to slide underneath the incisions and tissues with both working ends

·        The intuitive solid central handle of this versatile tool allows superior handling and control

·        This retractor is used in multiple surgeries such as obstetrics, plastic, and oral surgeries as well as other general surgeries.

·        The overall length of this retractor is approximately 14 cm with its working end blades measuring approximately 15 x 5.5 mm

·        This instrument makes the surgical procedure hassle-free and fatigue-free for the surgeons as it assists in retraction

·        Various lengths and sizes are available for this surgical tool comprising of slightly curved blades with rounded lips

Benefits of using retractors

 It is admittable that surgeons and medical staff members are on their toes to make the operation successful. However, surgical instruments assist medical practitioners in operating rooms to a great extent. Let's dig into a few benefits of using these retractors

·        Greatly used across multiple applications

·        Provides enhanced exposure and visibility

·        Provides firm hold and grip to the surgeons

·        Guarantees the safety of the patient

·        Makes the surgical procedure hassle-free and fatigue-free

·        Allows easy handling

·        Available in different sizes, styles, and shapes according to the practitioner's requirements

Storage of instruments

After proper sterilization, the instruments need to be kept under environmentally controlled conditions. The products should be stored in a clean, dry place where they won't get wet or dusty.

Reprocessing Precautions

  • When cleaning surgical instruments, always handle them with care, wearing personal protective equipment like gloves, an apron, and a face shield. Follow the Health Administration's Universal Precautions and your facility's policies.
  • Do not use cleaning agents that contain aldehyde, mercury, active chlorine, chloride, bromine, bromide, iodine, or iodide, as they are corrosive. Do not place instruments in Ringers Solution.
  • Do not soak instruments in hot water, alcohol, disinfectants, or antiseptics for longer than two hours.
  • Single-use items should not be reprocessed


Rahnell retractors are made up of high-quality German stainless material. The high-grade material makes this instrument rust-free and robust. This instrument is also durable having high tensile strength. This tool is also lightweight which makes it easy to use by medical practitioners.

Final words

Ragnell retractors are amazing surgical tools that offer numerous benefits. They also help reduce the risk of infection in the operating room. We at Acheron instruments provide different variations of Ragnell retractors to suit multiple surgical needs. Our instruments are manufactured with high-quality materials only and that too at the most reasonable prices.

We focus on providing you with the best quality products at the most reasonable prices. We guarantee our products will be free of defects in workmanship and material and are precision designed for performance.

Our instruments are of high quality and will last longer in your operating rooms. They will also improve your performance during various surgical practices, making surgery easier. Don't forget to check our website https://acheron-instruments.com to view our products in detail.


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