How do Kelly forceps assist in various surgical procedures

How do Kelly forceps assist in various surgical procedures


Kelly forceps feature a pair of tapered jaws for attaining better access to the surgical areas. Additionally, these forceps also ensure a steady grip as the inner surfaces of the jaws comprise transverse serrations. Both straight and curved variations are available to suit different surgical scenarios. However, the curved pattern is most suitable for reaching the deeper tissues of the body as compared to the straight patterned forceps. They also have a pair of ergonomically designed finger rings that prevents accidental slippage and provides maximum control over the tool.


  • Kelly forceps can be used as a heat sink, clamp, or third hand
  • They are available in both straight and curved variations to help surgeons in multiple surgeries
  • They comprise a locking ratchet mechanism with wider finger rings that allow a firm grip and easy handling of the instrument
  • They can be greatly used for medical situations where there is a need to block hemorrhaging blood vessels
  • There is a partial serration on the curved and straight patterned jaws of the instruments that may allow for blunt dissection
  • The length of these forceps ranges from 5” to 6” that come in color-coated variations too


Major types

The two major types available for Kelly forceps are

  • Kelly hemostatic forceps- used primarily for clamping soft delicate tissues and blood vessels, they are also used to help in manipulating the fatty tissues
  • Rankin Kelly forceps- also called hemostat clamps, are used in various surgical procedures for clamping and manipulating fatty as well as large tissues. The serrated and curved jaws of this type allow a firm grip over the fatty tissues.

Difference between Kelly forceps and Crile forceps

Kelly and Crile forceps both resemble the design and the length of both forceps is 5 ½” However, both these instruments are different and should not be substituted. Let’s have a look at the difference between these two tools:

  • Kelly hemostat forceps have half-serrated jaws whereas, Crile forceps have fully-serrated jaws
  • Crile forceps are non-toothed forceps and are used in different surgical procedures than the Kelly forceps



Kelly forceps are made up of high-grade German stainless steel material that makes this instrument durable and robust. They can be easily steam sterilized and requires low maintenance. they are easy to hold due to their unique design and are lightweight.

Wrap up

Kelly forceps hold prime importance in multiple surgical procedures for clamping blood vessels. We have a vast range of Kelly forceps to cater to various surgical practices. Our products are carefully crafted by using advanced methods and highly qualified technicians. The fine quality German stainless material makes these instruments stable and strong for longer durations. You can visit our website to have a closer look at our high-quality instruments with impeccable features.






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