The bone cutters are specifically designed to come useful in surgeries that require bone division. This tool comprises a pair of jaws that has sharp inner edges. Also, there are multiple sizes available for jaws and they come in both curved or straight profiles. This allows surgeons to choose from a wide range of models for different surgical scenarios. Moreover, the grip handle of this instrument is plier style with a single action joint. The double spring mechanism of the handle enhances the cutting action of the tool.

Specifications and uses

Bone cutters can penetrate the bones with their sharp edges and even bisect them.

  • They are most commonly used in oral and orthopedic procedures. However, they are also used in torture, forensics, and dismemberment
  • Different variations are available with various lengths, blade patterns, and designs to cut small and large bones
  • Bone cutters are a great tool for precise cutting through bone tissues and they are useful in a vast range of restorative procedures.

Types of bone cutters

These are a few commonly used bone cutters in medical practices:

Reciprocating- provides controllable and smooth cuts into the bone such as rib cutting and skull cutting. A Sternal saw is one of this kind.

Unpowered- provides measurable and accurate cuts in delicate surgeries such as knee surgery. Some examples include Gigli saw, sabre saw, and hacksaw

Costotome- used greatly to gain access to the thoracic cavity and is therefore a specialized rib cutter

Sonic- uses high amplitude and high-frequency sound for removing material


There are multiple variations available for these surgical instruments. Let’s have a detailed look at them!

Liston Bone cutting forceps

Liston bone-cutting forceps are widely used for cutting cartilage and low-density bones during surgeries. This instrument provides a secure grip to the operator as it is designed with self-open technology. The following patterns are available for Liston bone-cutting forceps:

1.      Liston Bone cutting forceps Angled- These are widely used during orthopedic surgeries to cut high-density bones. This category has a strong body along with double spring handles that allow surgeons to have controlled hand movements. Additionally, to manipulate thicker and deeper boney structures, they have sharp inner jaws that require less pressure. They have angled tips that permit minimally invasive surgeries. Also, multiple sizes are available for curved variation measuring from 5 ½” to 8 ¾”

2.      Liston Bone cutting forceps straight- This tool is greatly used by surgeons in orthopedic surgeries for cutting small bones. This category comprises double spring handles with a strong body. This pattern has a straight-tip design and is great for cutting delicate bones. These tools are available in different lengths and sizes.


Podiatry Bone cutting forceps

These types of bone-cutting forceps are used during podiatry practices for cutting bones. There are multiple variations that come under the category of podiatry bone-cutting forceps including:

1.      Liston Blau Bone cutting forceps- This instrument is useful to grasp, hold and extract bones. The straight narrow blades of this tool are greatly used for manipulating small bone fragments. This device allows atraumatic bone cutting with its non-locking spring handles in narrow spaces. The approximate length of this tool is 5 ½”.

2.      Ruskin Rowland Nasal Hump Forceps 7" Double Action Narrow Jaws- This device has a double action design that assists in thoracic, orthopedic, and aesthetic surgical procedures by assisting in precise cutting. It allows the repairing and realigning of nasal humps with arrow jars on at the tip.

3. Ruskin (Kleinkert Kutz) Bone Splitting Forceps- This tool is used to grasp, split and extract bony structures. This type of bone-cutting forcep is available in both curved and straight variations.


Ruskin Bone Cutting forceps

These are effective instruments that are used in multiple orthopedic procedures. These tools come into use when there is a need to cut more fragile bones. These tools comprise wide jaws that fit around the bones comfortably along with their amazing double action and function. These instruments are available in straight and angled variations.

Ruskin Liston Bone Cutting forceps

These tools have a unique design that is used to cut through cortical and cancellous bones. It comes with double action that enables optimal division of bone structure with its wide jaws


Bone cutters are made up of high-grade German stainless steel material that makes these instruments robust, corrosion-resistant, and rust-free. These are durable and can be sterilized too.

Wrap up

Bone cutters are one of the most essential pieces of equipment used in the surgical field. We at Acheron instruments provide the best quality instruments to our customers. Our products are carefully crafted with the latest technology and well-trained technicians to ensure the best quality products.

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