Hill Ferguson retractors are one the essential hand-held retractors that serve a wide array of surgical advantages. There are different variations available for Hill Ferguson retractors comprising different sizes and lengths. This tool is made with high-quality materials to be reused over time.


Hill Ferguson retractor features a cylindrical handle at one end that is wider in shape. The other end of the tool has a curved blade. The central handle provides a firm grip over the instrument. The unique design assists in getting better exposure during surgeries and is ideally used for trans-anal or anal examinations.

Uses and features

·        Hill Ferguson retractor is an essential handheld retractor used for many surgical procedures, especially rectal surgery.

·        This tool helps widen the opening to the anus and also enhances accessing the lower rectum area

·        Hill Ferguson retractor is manufactured with high grade material that lasts longer in operating rooms

·        This retractor makes lengthy procedures hassle-free and fatigue-free for the surgeons and also enhances their performance during surgical practices.

·        This retractor is ideally used by obstetrics in their surgical practices. They are primarily used in many surgery centers, specialty clinics, and hospitals

·        There are different variations of this tool available comprising different sizes and lengths.

·        The Hill Ferguson retractor is a standard medical device used by medical practitioners. It is approximately 8.5 inches long and has a small blade that is 2.2 x 6.4 cm in size.


·        Hill Ferguson retractor is a user-friendly tool that surgeons greatly use.

·        This instrument is beautifully forged with a high mirror finish that is O.R. Grade and dependable


Hill Ferguson retractor is manufactured in high-grade German stainless steel material. Due to its high quality, this retractor ensures durability and longevity. This tool is robust and rust-free.

Benefits of using retractors

 It is admittable that surgeons and medical staff members are on their toes to make the operation successful. However, surgical instruments assist medical practitioners in operating rooms to a great extent. Let's dig into a few benefits of using these retractors

•            Greatly used across multiple applications

•            Provides enhanced exposure and visibility

•            Provides firm hold and grip to the surgeons

•            Guarantees the safety of the patient

•            Makes the surgical procedure hassle-free and fatigue-free

•            Allows easy handling

•            Available in different sizes, styles, and shapes according to the practitioner's requirements

Wrap up

Hill Ferguson retractor is generally a part of every operating room and it's important to choose high quality for better performance. Acheron instruments provide an extensive range of Hill Ferguson retractors with multiple variations. The sizes of Hill Ferguson retractors small and large are available on our website.

Our surgical tools and retractors are perfect for your surgical kits. They are durable and will last for years. Our instruments are durable, fine, and sharp and widely preferred to perform a broad array of surgical practices.


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