There are different kinds of surgical retractors available in different shapes, sizes, designs, patterns, and lengths, and are rightfully chosen by surgeons according to their specific needs.

In addition to providing a better understanding of the surgical sites, surgical retractors can also

assist surgeons in better maneuvering in minimally-opened and deep surgical sites. Retractors are

vital tools for surgery and come in many sizes, shapes, and styles to fit different procedures.


Brown Deltoid retractor is an essential surgical tool that is used in various medical procedures including deltopectoral procedures to assist surgeons in providing better visibility and accessibility in the surgical sites. It comprises a wide saddle-shaped blade profile at one end with blunt edges for atraumatic retraction. The other end of this retractor has a single-finger ring along with a solid handle. This instrument is made with high-quality German stainless steel material to assist surgeons in various surgical practices. This retractor is essentially designed to retract or hold back the deltoid muscle which is a large triangular muscle located at the top of the shoulder. The deltoid muscle is a vital muscle that provides stability and movement of the shoulder joint. However, in some orthopedic procedures, this muscle needs to be removed carefully to access underlying structures.


  • Brown Deltoid retractors are one of the most vital hand-held retractors that are widely used in orthopedic surgeries and are greatly utilized in several deltopectoral procedures
  • This surgical instrument comprises an atraumatic saddle blade that is curved and broad to keep deltoid muscles and other tissues apart safely during surgical procedures
  • This instrument provides surgeons with better accessibility and visibility to the surgical site with its unique design
  • This surgical tool features a single finger ring handle that allows feasible and easier manipulation for the surgeons
  • This instrument is a user-friendly tool that is greatly used by surgeons. It is also easy to clean because it is autoclavable
  • Browne deltoid retractor is manufactured with high grade material that lasts longer in operating rooms
  • This tool is available in various sizes to accommodate surgeons in various surgical scenarios. The approximate length of the retractor ranges from 11” 42 mm to 11” 55mm
  • It allows surgeons to get a better view of the surgical region and also assists them in contouring the humeral head during the retraction of the deltoid muscle
  • This surgical instrument is greatly useful in plate positioning, wire/drill location confirmation, and fracture reduction


Browne deltoid retractor is manufactured in premium-grade German stainless steel material. Due to its high quality, this retractor ensures durability and longevity. This tool is robust, corrosion-resistant, and rust-free. They can be reused after sterilization and is autoclavable.

Wrap up

Browne deltoid retractor is generally a part of every operating room and it's important to choose high quality for better performance. Acheron instruments provide an extensive range of Browne deltoid retractors with multiple variations. Our incredible surgical tools and versatile surgical retractors are perfect to be a part of your surgical kits that will last you for years. Our instruments are durable, fine, and sharp and widely preferred to perform a broad array of surgical practices.

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