There are generally two central factors and their corresponding variables that determine a successful surgery.

  • The treatment methodology employed by the surgeon
  • Surgical instruments used by them
  • Health condition of the person being treated

During surgical procedures, the incision of organs, bones, or tissues may ensue. There are plenty of instruments used other than the basic primary tools used for an incision to get better access to the wound site, suture, and bandage it after the completion of the treatment.

Purpose of surgical tools

There is a wide range of surgical instruments available to serve their relevant purposes and give desired results during surgical procedures. These instruments are generally medical-grade blunt and sharp that come in curved and straight variations. The recognizable features of these tools hold prime importance while surgeons perform their surgery.

Some instruments are used to assist the surgeons throughout the surgeries to make the procedure smooth whether it is respiratory, orthopedic, or any other surgery. There are certain specialized procedures for which special instruments are designed such as Hook Tip electrodes, irrigation tubes, suction, and Bone burs.

Instruments used frequently in a surgery

Acheron instruments are widely distributed around the globe. There are a few instruments that are mostly a part of every order as they are essential tools for any surgery.

Surgical scissors

Surgical scissors are a basic need for any surgery as these cutting tools are vital to cut nerves, capillaries, tissues, etc during surgical procedures. The sharp blades of surgical scissors are designed to cut various body parts including tissues on the surface and other inner areas of the incision site. Acheron instruments have a wide range of surgical scissors including left-handed bandage scissors, lister-bandage scissors, super sharp variations, and their tungsten-carbide inserts version.

Needle holders

Needle holders/drivers are commonly used to hold and manipulate the surgical needle during suturing procedures and incision sites. Almost all surgical procedures that deal with incision, injury, or a wound make use of needle holders. This tool provides enhanced control to the surgeons during suturing procedures that ultimately improves the healing progress of the incision due to tightening of the suture.


Retractors are helpful in the surgical site to retract muscle, bone, and tissue while performing the surgery. This tool is vital in the operating room to hold a wound or incision open during surgical procedures. They are available in different variations where some are held manually in the position whereas others are designed to grasp tissue and flap away from the surgical area. We have an amazing collection of this tool that includes Deaver, Lahey, Balfour, abdominal, Beckman, and general retractors. Also, there are subcategories of this tool available on our platform too.

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