Episiotomy scissors uses

Childbirth is a challenging and transformative experience for both healthcare professionals and mothers. Most of the time normal delivery is generally preferred but there are certain unpredictable situations when surgeons have to use medical interventions. This is to ensure the well-being of both the mother and the baby. One such medical intervention is an episiotomy that requires the use of specialized surgical scissors called episiotomy scissors. In this blog, we will be discussing episiotomy scissors uses, applications, and their significance in the field of medicine.

What is episiotomy?

When the baby’s head passes through a narrow birth canal, it can cause severe tearing of the perineum that must be prevented. For this purpose, surgeons perform this procedure. Episiotomy is a surgical cut that involves the opening of the vagina to facilitate childbirth. This involves making an incision in the perineum area which is the area between the anus and vagina during childbirth.

Moreover, this procedure is also recommended when surgeons fear any fetal distress or there is a prolonged second stage of labor to promote a quick delivery.

What are episiotomy scissors?

Episiotomy scissors are a specialized surgical instrument that is useful during episiotomy procedures to cut through the delicate perineum area. These non-ratcheted scissors can easily slice through the sensitive soft tissues to enlarge the birth canal area by performing a clean incision.

These scissors come in handy when the baby is in distress or the pelvic passage is too narrow for the baby to pass through. Also, these scissors are one of the most common and widely used gynecological scissors used by obstetricians and gynecologists.

What are the important parts of episiotomy scissors?

Despite its multiple variations in length, every episiotomy scissor generally comprises the following important parts:

  • Pivotally connected blades that allow them to move smoothly in relation to each other
  • The handles of these scissors are attached at an acute angle with blades particularly
  • The outer blade comprises an extended free end that is positioned laterally for enhanced precision and maneuverability

What are the key features of episiotomy scissors?

  • The ideal angle of curvature of these scissors allows easier manipulation of tissues
  • These scissors come with round tips that are ideal for the blunt dissection of tissues. Also, it can easily cut through fascia, membranes, muscle tissues, skin as well as sutures.
  • These scissors can easily slide through the tissues with their incredibly smooth outer curves and flat blades
  • The ergonomic finger ring handles ensure effortless dissection with reduced user fatigue.
  • These scissors come with double-beveled blades that enhance the dissection performance and ensure reduced traumatic cut
  • You can choose from a variety of episiotomy scissors as they are available in multiple lengths

What are episiotomy scissors uses?

When it comes to episiotomy scissors, there are numerous surgical benefits it serves. But here, we will be discussing some primary uses of this scissor:

Controlled incision

A controlled incision is very important when surgeons have to cut the sensitive perineum during childbirth. This controlled cutting is essential for healthcare providers to manage the direction and size of the incision. Apart from that, it also prevents uncontrolled and extensive tearing that could be problematic.

Minimization of trauma

There is a minimal risk of causing trauma to the sensitive perineal tissue with the help of these scissors which is of utmost importance. Also, spontaneous tears are believed to require more recovery time as compared to a controlled incision which generally promotes faster healing.

Assisting instrumental deliveries

Episiotomy scissors play a crucial role in cases where instrumental deliveries including vacuum or forceps extraction are necessary. These scissors create a suitable opening that makes a safe passage for the baby.

Preventing complications

Multiple complications may be exhibited if there are any chances of negligence or mistake. However, when episiotomies are performed appropriately, they can help prevent complications such as severe perineal tearing.

Facilitating delivery in distressed situations

Episiotomy scissors create an opening that facilitates a quicker and smoother delivery. This is particularly useful in situations when the pelvic bones are too small for safe passage and the baby is in distress.

Emergency obstetric procedures

These scissors are an essential part of emergency obstetric procedures toolkits. Moreover, these tools assist healthcare providers during emergency situations to make necessary and swift incisions to ensure a safe and timely delivery.

How to take care of episiotomy scissors?

  • Before each use, ensure the episiotomy scissors are properly sterilized. Autoclaving is the most common method for sterilization.
  • Before use, inspect the scissors for any signs of damage, corrosion, or wear. Do not use damaged or compromised instruments.
  • Handle these surgical scissors with care to prevent bending, breaking, or damaging the teeth or jaws.
  • Ensure that you use the scissors only for their intended purpose, which is to make cuts in the intricate perineal area
  • After each use, clean the scissors thoroughly. Use a mild detergent and warm water to remove any tissue debris, blood, or other contaminants.
  • Store the sterilized episiotomy scissors in a clean, dry, and protected environment. Avoid contact with other instruments or materials that could cause damage or contamination.
  • Occasionally lubricate the moving parts or hinges with a surgical instrument lubricant to maintain smooth functionality.

By following these usage and care instructions, you can prolong the life of your episiotomy scissors. Also, it ensures they remain in optimal condition for surgical procedures while minimizing the risk of infection transmission and tissue damage.


Episiotomy scissors are an integral part of obstetrics surgeries that provide healthcare professionals with the means to perform controlled incisions during childbirth. Also, the episiotomy scissors are incredible when it comes to ensuring the well-being of both the mother and the baby as well as reducing the risk of associated complications and tearing.

Therefore, you must invest in the best quality episiotomy scissors by established guidelines to ensure optimal outcomes for mothers and their babies.

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Why the blades of episiotomy scissors are curved?

The curved blades are better as compared to the straight ones for the intricate episiotomy procedure as it prevents extensive tears towards the anus. Also, according to research, straight scissors have a higher risk of causing a third or fourth-degree tear that must be prevented during episiotomy.

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