Knowledge is power! Whether you are a dental practitioner wanting to know the necessary dental equipment required for daily tasks. Or, if you are a patient curious to know which dental instruments you’ll see in the dental room and their specific purpose, you need to read this blog. We’ll explore the essential dental instruments' names and pictures in PDF to give you a brief overview of these tools.

We know that everyone is not well aware of the complete information of dental tools. So, we have shortlisted a few basic dental instruments' names and pictures so you don’t have to face any challenges while identifying the right dental tools for your healthcare institute. Also, a brief introduction to these tools will likely reduce your anxiety the next time you enter the dental room for your visit. This is because understanding the purpose and function of dental instruments can instill confidence in patients and reduce some of the fear they feel about unknown dental procedures.

Dental instruments names and pictures pdf

Do you know the Dual Duty of dental instruments, A surprisingly high number of dental instruments have multiple functions. The scaler, for instance, can not only remove calculus (tartar) but also help polish teeth and even function as a temporary filling in emergencies. Similarly, the mouth mirror, beyond revealing hidden areas, can retract lips and cheeks for better access.

Download dental instrument names and pictures pdf

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Dental diagnostic/examination tools

The first step in dental treatment is to diagnose the oral health condition. Surgeons first need to check what oral treatment their patients require and what should be their treatment plan according to the patient’s oral health. For this purpose, they make use of dental diagnostic tools. Let’s have a look at them:

Dental mouth mirror

This dental tool is one of the most important and common tools used in dentistry. Dentists use this tool to check the patient’s oral cavity and while performing dental procedures too. Also, these tools aid in the separation of oral walls and provide illumination through reflection during procedures. Moreover, this instrument features three basic components including a head, handle, and stem. The ideal design makes it highly advantageous for achieving a clear and effective field of vision during dental procedures.


Dental probes are incredible tools that generally come in two types:

Exploration probes: a traditional yet fundamental tool that dentists use to assess bacterial plaque levels. Apart from this, they also identify the presence of cavities, and so forth.

Periodontal Probe: This is one of the most common tools of dentistry that measures the depth of periodontal pockets and assesses gum health.

Dental Tweezers

A dental tweezer is a fundamental tool in dentistry that serves a diverse range of applications. Dental practitioners use this tool for tasks such as tissue separation, grasping, suturing, and the manipulation of small objects within or outside the oral cavity. Furthermore, there are various types of tweezers, including surgical and hemostatic ones. The choice of the specific one is based on the specific requirements of the task at hand.

Dental scalers

Dental scalers are one of the most famous tools used in dental practices. Dentists make great use of dental scalers to remove plaque and tartar from the surface of the teeth. This is important during scaling procedures that help prevent gum diseases and promote overall dental hygiene.

Dental restorative instruments

Dental professionals use these instruments to perform procedures that involve the repair or replacement of damaged or missing teeth and other oral structures. Not only this, but these tools are also essential for restoring the function, aesthetics, and health of the patient's teeth and oral tissues. Some common restorative tools include:

Dental excavators:

These instruments are essentially useful to remove decayed or damaged tooth structures before filling a cavity. Also, these incredible tools come in different shapes and sizes for various applications.

Amalgam carriers

This handheld instrument facilitates the precise and controlled placement of the amalgam material into prepared cavities of the tooth. It typically consists of a small opening at one end and a hollow barrel with a plunger mechanism on the other end. However, the amalgam is loaded into the carrier, and the plunger is used to push the material out through the opening.

Dental spatulas:

Dentists use these tools for mixing and preparing dental materials like cement and impression materials. Also. They feature a flat, often rounded or slightly curved, blade-like end that allows for the effective mixing and spreading of various dental compounds.

Dental carvers:

Once the amalgam has initially been set, the dentist uses carving instruments to shape and contour the restoration. This is done to resemble the natural anatomy of the tooth.

Surgical Instruments:

Dental surgical tools are designed to assist in a range of dental surgeries. This includes extractions, implant placements, periodontal surgeries, and more. Here are some common dental surgical tools:

Dental elevators:

Dentists use these elevators to loosen and lift teeth from the socket before extraction. They come in different shapes and angles to suit different teeth anatomy. However, these instruments play a crucial role in facilitating atraumatic tooth extraction. This is done by gently expanding the surrounding bone and creating space for the tooth to be lifted out with reduced trauma to the surrounding tissues.

Dental extraction forceps: 

Dental extraction procedures are incomplete without the use of these forceps. These extraction forceps come in handy when oral surgeons need to grasp, manipulate, and ultimately extract teeth from the alveolar socket. Moreover, these extraction forceps come in various shapes and sizes, each designed for specific types of teeth and extraction conditions.

Dental retractors:

Dentists utilize a dental retractor to expose specific areas of the mouth for dental examinations, surgeries, and procedures. Also, there are various types of dental retractors that dental surgeons choose according to their dental requirements. Some common ones include dental handheld retractors, dental cheek retractors, and dental mouth gag.

Dental luxators

The use of these amazing instruments facilitates the atraumatic extraction of teeth during dental procedures. Unlike traditional dental elevators that help loosen and lift teeth, luxators have a special design that allows dental surgeons to cut the periodontal ligament and create space for easier tooth removal. Moreover, the luxators come in multiple sizes to accommodate different dental procedure requirements. Apart from this, the choice of a specific kind of luxator depends on factors such as the tooth type, location, and the specific requirements of the extraction.

Dental pliers

These versatile instruments are extensively employed in dentistry, notably in orthodontics and laboratory settings. Also, they serve multiple purposes, including bending hooks, cutting wires and pins, and more. Moreover, there are multiple variations of this instrument available that cater to specific functions, such as cutting materials like plaster or cement. They come with diverse tip designs too.

Suturing Instruments

Suturing instruments play a crucial role in various surgeries and hold significant importance in dentistry. These crucial tools come into use where tissue closure is necessary. There are plenty of these essential instruments on the dental surgical list including needle holders, surgical scissors, and dental forceps.

Wrap up:

The list of dental instruments is not limited to the ones mentioned in this reference guide. There are multiple kinds of dental tools available that serve their respective purpose. However, you should be considerate about the type of dental instrument you are going to choose for your dental healthcare institution.

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