A Cushing retractor is a surgical instrument that is vitally used in neurosurgeries for retracting delicate tissues and blood vessels during brain surgery. This incredible tool is widely used in delicate practices for retracting and manipulating tissues as it prevents damage to the surrounding area with its ergonomic design. This tool is available in different sizes and lengths to accommodate surgeons in different surgical scenarios. It is manufactured with high-quality German stainless steel material to last longer in operating room tool kits.


The Cushing retractor was named after an American neurosurgeon named Harvey Cushing who is considered one of the most predominant figures in the neurosurgical field. Harvey Cushing was born in 1869 and got his medical degree in 1895 from Harvard Medical School. He developed the Cushing retractor in the early 1900s while he was working at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.

The development of the Cushing retractor was part of a comprehensive effort for the improvement of surgical tools and techniques in the field of neurosurgery. Cushing's rigorous attention to detail and novel surgical techniques contributed to the development of the area of neurosurgery as a unique medical specialty.


  • A Cushing retractor is an essential neurosurgical tool that permits surgeons to move, retract and manipulate delicate tissues including arteries, veins, and tendons during general surgery and other delicate surgery procedures
  • This tool comprises a hook-type working end with an ergonomic solid handle that assists surgeons in performing long-hour surgeries without any fatigue
  • Cushing vein retractor is manufactured from high-grade German stainless steel material that makes this tool corrosion resistant, reusable having a high tensile strength
  • The blade of the retractor is tiny and has blunted edges. This feature allows blood vessel manipulation without the threat of bleeding.
  • This retractor is one of the most important tools in the field of neurosurgery that allows surgeons to perform delicate surgeries with care and precision
  • The approximate length of this tool is 9” with a blade size measuring 11 x 13 mm
  • It features a concave blade design that adapts to the tubular structures readily
  • The instrument's design makes it perfect for delicate surgical procedures that need exact tissue manipulation to protect surrounding structures.
  • To access the portion of the brain that needs to be operated on during brain surgery, the Cushing vein retractor is utilized to make a space in the operative field.


The material used for manufacturing the Cushing retractor is high-grade German stainless steel which makes this instrument durable, reliable, and robust. This strong instrument has resistance to environmental changes and is rust-free. This instrument requires low maintenance as it comprises high tensile strength. This tool can be reused after proper sterilization and has a longer life span due to its high-quality nature.

Wrap up

Retractors are always an integral part of operating room kits. These instruments are widely preferred by surgeons to perform a broad array of surgical operations. Cushing retractors are widely used by surgeons for their incredible performance during surgical practices. These retractors not only make the procedure fatigue-free for the medical practitioner but also allow them to enhance the efficacy, efficiency, and timely management of surgical practices.

We at Acheron instruments have an extensive variety of Cushing retractors having various sizes and shapes. Our instruments are fine, sharp, and durable as they are manufactured in premium quality material. Millions of medical practitioners across the globe use and rely on our surgical instruments that set high standards in the field of surgery.

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