Self-retaining retractors are the most demanded surgical retractors used extensively during different surgical scenarios as they allow hands-free operation during surgery. Charnel retractors are an important tool that is widely used in spinal and orthopedic procedures to increase their access to tissues. They are made with high-quality material that adds to their durability and reliability.


Charnel retractors feature a unique design having specialized prongs that retracts a variety of tissues in surgeries. The intuitive design allows securing and retracting of the sheaths, skin, and tendons for better exposure to the surgical site. The blades of this instrument are designed in such a way that one blade is long while the other one is short.

The tips of this instrument comprise four prongs in a blunt pattern curving outwards. The blunt tips of Charnley retractors help hook onto tissues without causing any damage to these tissues, and the edges of these retractors are smooth which reduces any risk of damage. Charnley retractors have a distinctive design with a detachable weight that allows transforming the instrument as per the surgeon's requirement. This instrument comprises a hook with a weight and chain that helps to pull on one blade for retraction purposes.

Uses and specifications

·        Charnley retractors are specialized tools that are most common;y used in spinal and orthopedic surgeries to increase access to body tissues.

·        This instrument holds significant importance in such surgeries as their unique weight system works together and pulls apart the tough fibrous tissues

·        The ergonomic design of this tool allows comfortable handling and fatigue-free surgery

·        Charnley retractors are demanded in surgical sites for sustained retraction with their weight lock mechanism

·        This instrument is lightweight and the intuitive pattern design allows superior control and comfortable handling for the surgeons

·        The special weight-locking mechanism is attached to one blade of the instrument and retracts the forceps by gravity.

·        Self-retaining feature of these retractors improves access to the surgical site and less tool clutter at the site of the incision.

·        The standard frame of these retractors is approximately 12.75" x 9.5" in size

-        This retractor comprises of long blade measuring approximately 25mm x 25mm


·        Charnley retractors are greatly used during hip surgery where they provide excellent exposure while freely assisting personnel. These retractors are ideally used during hip fracture surgery and hip arthroplasty.

·        This tool also provides a clear view and retraction of musculature and hip capsule

·        Multiple lengths of the retractor are available to serve a wide range of patient anatomies.

·        Charnley retractors are made with high-quality material that makes this instrument lightweight, durable and reliable.


Charnley initial incision retractors come in different variations comprising square, standard, and Charnley-type frames that are available in different widths. Different blades can be used for Charnley retractors including long standard, short blades, 5 prong, standard, malleable blades, retractor blades, wedges, etc.


Charnley is made up of premium quality German stainless steel material. The high-quality material and stainless steel make this instrument rust-free and enhance its longevity. The high-quality material ensures the performance remains effective for a longer duration.


·        Charnley retractors and accessories are non-sterile when provided and it is important to inspect, clean, and sterilize before first use and every re-use.

·        While reprocessing the instruments, it is important to handle them with care wearing proper personal equipment gear.

·        Disinfection agents containing mercury, chloride, active chlorine, iodide, iodine, and bromine should not be used as they are corrosive and may disrupt the functioning of the instrument

·        Do not soak your instruments in hot water, disinfectants, antiseptics, or alcohol to avoid the coagulation of blood, mucus, or other body fluids, The soaking must be a maximum of 2 hours.

·        Do not use abrasive detergents, wire brushes or pipe cleaners, steel wool, etc.

·        Do not use products with high alkaline and high acidic potency for disinfection.


Wrap up

Charnley retractors are vitally used in various surgical procedures. We at Acheron instruments provide the best quality products at reasonable prices. We have an extensive range of products including the Charnley retractors with their different variations. Our products are manufactured with high craftsmanship, advanced technology, and a team of highly qualified experts.


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