Oral health is an essential part of the overall health of an individual. Our mouth is the gateway to other serious diseases which can only be curtailed by taking care of and maintaining good oral health. Various dental procedures and dental instruments are in usage to aid people in maintaining their oral health which includes the removal of stains and plaque. It is a simple and painless procedure that involves using dental tools such as an ultrasonic scaler to clean the teeth’ surfaces thoroughly. Ultrasonic scalers work by producing vibrational energy that blasts the hard deposits of calculus and washes them off with the help of water.

The scaler consists of a tip and handpiece to which the tip is attach with. There is an irrigation bottle that aids in the removal of the calculus. The tip is of two types, one is narrow and the other is broad. The narrow tip is good for removing stains whereas the broad tip is used for the removal of hard calculus. If we talk about other dental procedures like extraction, an instrument called periotome is used for atraumatic removal of teeth by displacing the periodontal ligaments.

Basic Dental Examination Set

The basic dental examination set consists of a dental mirror, periodontal probe and a tweezer. The dental mirror helps in getting a clear vision and for examining the oral cavity. A periodontal probe is an instrument to check for periodontal problems like furcation, pulp exposure, mobility etc. Every time a patient visits the clinic, one should always first start with a basic examination of the oral cavity. One should listen to what the patient is saying. Counseling and listening are the basic principles for acquiring patients. For procedures like cavity preparation and filling, root canal treatment and crown preparation, dental burs are in normally usage. They have an essential role in both operative and prosthodontic dentistry. Dental burs come in different shapes and each has a specific purpose.

The shapes include diamond, round, tapered, fissure, needle, flame, football, torpedo, interproximal etc. For root canal treatment, we start with a round bur to gain access. For crown preparation, a diamond bur is utilize. In extraction, dental forceps are used. Their main purpose is to remove the tooth from the alveolar process as the tooth is firmly attached to the alveolar bone. There is a difference between upper and lower jaw forceps. Upper forceps are straight or parallel to the long axis of the handle with beak and hinges. And the lower forceps are at a 90-degree angle or perpendicular to the long axis of the handle with beak and hinges.

Other Dental Instruments

Gates glidden is another type of instrument used in dental procedures for root canal access, to widen the coronal part of the canal and for removal of fillings. The gates glidden drill is shorter and the shaft is thinner. Other dental instruments include UV light for curing the filling material. An apex locator to locate the apex during the root canal procedure. Impression trays for taking an impression during prosthodontic or orthodontic procedures. K and H files are also in utilization for root canal procedures for cleaning and shaping the canals.

All dental instruments are an essential part of dental treatment so it is important to take care of the sterilization process of instruments. As the dental instruments come in direct contact with the patient’s mouth which can lead to different diseases. Using high-quality instruments gives an edge as they can be used for a long time with proper care. In this regard, Acheron instruments are one of the leading suppliers of dental instruments with great quality and warranty. Acheron instruments provide dental instruments to all the leading dental hospitals and clinics in the country.

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